Hire DevOps Engineers With STARNAVI in Eastern Europe

Are you asking yourself, “Are DevOps engineers hard to find?” For us, hiring developers isn’t a challenge. It’s our job. STARNAVI’s pool of pre-vetted DevOps engineers allows us to offer you potential fits quickly. Thorough vetting guarantees a match between your expectations and the engineers’ skill sets. Our legal entity in the U.E. ensures legal compliance and cost efficiency.

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Our Process

Hire DevOps Engineers in Four Easy Steps

It's as easy as counting from one to four. At least, it's easy for you, because we'll do all the job.

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Tell StarNavi about your requirements

01. Tell us about your requirements

We'll be happy to know about your project and see the list of skills you expect from your Python developer. Give us a hint – and we'll find a gem for you!

Pick the best devs from the hand-picked ones

02. Pick the best devs from the hand-picked ones

We offer you a list of candidates who meet your requirements. You decide who is worth interviewing. We pre-vet candidates you have your eye on.

Meet the best candidates online, in-person

03. Meet the best candidates online, in-person

Make a complete impression on the candidates by meeting them face to face. Assess their hard and soft skills. Make the final decision.

Hire, onboard and enjoy

04. Hire, onboard and enjoy

We'll assist your company while hiring – all the paperwork, including contracts and NDAss our task. Enjoy the new stage of your product development to the fullest!

Why Hire DevOps Engineers With STARNAVI

If your software project needs optimization, consider the option to hire a remote DevOps engineer. A DevOps architect will connect your development and operations teams to provide your product with continuous delivery, security, and scalability.

With a DevOps engineer in your team, you can build web applications, mobile applications, websites, e-commerce platforms, and cloud-based services cost-efficiently, rapidly, and with high security.

STARNAVI will provide your project with DevOps architects who fit the technical requirements and your team’s culture code. By hiring in Eastern Europe, you benefit from budget optimization and access to a large pool of talented tech professionals. Legal compliance and BPO support are guaranteed.

STARNAVI's Strengths

Take advantage of the partnership with a team of professionals who know how to hire developers cost-efficiently, within strict deadlines, and with full compliance.

Relevant candidates

Relevant candidates

Our goal is a match between your requirements and the developer's hard and soft skills.

Administrative support with StarNavi

Administrative support

We'll manage to sign the contract's and NDAs. Our legal entity in the EU is at your service.

Long-Term Warranties with StarNavi

Long-term warranties

We'll offer you a replacement if our developer doesn’t meet your expectations. You win anyway.

Meeting tight deadlines with StarNavi

Meeting tight deadlines

Our pool of pre-vetted developers is big. We're focused. Get ready to onboard your new dev in no time.

Boosting your competitiveness with StarNavi

Boosting your competitiveness

Augment your distributed team by skilled developers and create software products able to win the marker race.

High Cost-Effectiveness with StarNavi

High cost-effectiveness

We do our best to optimize your staffing budget by hiring developers offshore and helping you build a cost-efficient remote team.

Flexible Payment Models with StarNavi

Flexible payment models

Revamp your budget by picking the most convenient model. Pay hourly, bi-weekly or monthly.

High retention level with StarNavi

High retention level

Our goal is to build strong relationships between an employer and a developer. Sustainable results make us happy.

Remote Mode with StarNavi

Remote mode

We'll hire developers remotely for remote work. You'll save tons of time and effort while hiring and coordinating a distributed team.

Legal status with StarNavi

Legal status

STARNAVI's legal entity in the EU and our expertise ensure the legal background for your team augmentation. We guarantee compliance.

Flexible scaling with StarNavi

Flexible scaling

Vary the number of developers and their contract duration according to your project's needs. Scale up your team comfortably.

Unambiguous leadership with StarNavi

Unambiguous leadership

We're eager to stay on top of the market and build proactive teams. We set the standards and trends, not we follow them.

Need a Specific Tech Stack? Let us know!

Hiring devs with rare or even unique skill sets is our thing. Tell us about your expertise gap – and we’ll find a gem for your collection of talents.


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