We're StarNavi. We Connect Developers With Good Firms.

In STARNAVI, “navi” stands for “navigator”. A navigator helps you reach the destination by providing the optimal route: the shortest and the cost-efficient path between your goal and its realization. We navigate your software development teams scaling up – and help you make stellar products. See you on the illuminated side of the Moon!


StarNavi was born out of passion and a market need. After being developers for years themselves, our founders started connecting with entrepreneurs who were looking to expand their software development teams. Soon they discovered that a lot of passionate founders can’t benefit from fragmented classic outsourcing services, which stops them from growing their business. Thus, the idea to build a staffing partner was born.

As the first step, we’ve found the secret ingredients for successful remote work for ourselves. They were trust, responsibility, and proactivity, as well as top-notch project management techniques. Then we carry over the same principles into building remote teams for our clients. It turned out that our clients in their majority had the same vision and requirements. So this was the perfect match.

Since 2016, we’ve searched for and hired tech talents with profound expertise in software development. We adore this click moment when a team and an engineer find each other. To provide the perfect match, we use our secret staffing mix of technologies, creativity, honesty, communication mastery, coherence – and our unparalleled dedication to STARNAVI’s mission.

Values We Tap Into

Values are our fuel. We hardly keep them in mind every single minute while dealing with routine. However, STARNAVI’s ethics polestars help us make the breakthroughs.

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01. Remote Work

From our own experience, we know that working from home can save plenty of time and effort, not to mention that remote work is financially beneficial. That’s why we’re happy to build distributed teams: productive, cooperative, and committed.

02. Trust And Respect

We say “no” to micromanagement. Every team member is a self-manager responsible for achieving the deliverables in a particular field of expertise. We treat respect as transparency and openness in relationships. At STARNAVI, everyone shares notions with everyone.

03. Going The Extra Mile

To keep up with the IT industry innovations, we have to move fast. No, we don’t have to; we’re eager to learn every day. Each solution should be improved. In this way – by diving in and absorbing the best practices – we contribute to our client’s business.

04. Building An Outstanding Team

Today, our communication and workflow are so natural that it seems we didn’t put any effort into building STARNAVI’s collaborative team. Sure, we put much mental force and enthusiasm into becoming who we are. Now, we’re ready to build your dream team of developers.

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