Find & Hire Expert Developers Easily

Let’s find exceptional software developers that will fit your dream team.




A partner, not an agency

We’re in this together: we help you find great software developers so you can stay focused on delivering a great product.


As in-house, not “sell and hide”

We support and grow your developers. Accounting, HR, contracts, payroll, motivation, benefits – we manage it for you.


Specialists, not account managers

A specialist from our side knows ins and outs about your business. No more dull one-side talks.


Clear communication

Talk directly to your developers whenever you need. They’re your team. We completely eliminated every obstacle like PM.

Our Services

What We Do Best

Recruit that irresistible software developers you’ll trust. Many typical recruitment agencies use processes that attract many candidates but not quality ones. We strive to intimately understand the skills companies need to stay competitive.

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Easily scale your development team. Reduce operating costs while maintaining productivity as much as possible.

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dedicated team

Dedicated Team

Hire remote team dedicated to the realization of your project. It’s a silver bullet to be flexible and highly efficient.

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developer on demand

Developers on Demand

Work with highly skilled, curated talent which can be deployed quickly. Our devs are the most compatible fit with your needs.

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busines process outsourcing

Managed Software Development

Our web development experts can turn your ideas into working digital solutions.

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Our Process

Get Started
with 4 Easy Steps

Nothing to worry about. The entire process consists of simple 4 steps. It helps us successfully start the process of searching for developers and finding them for your project.

Get in Touch  
share you needs

01. Share your needs

During the first call you’ll outline the goal, the profiles of the developers that a team lacks, and what deadlines are appropriate.

pick up developers

02. We pick up developers for you

We search and screen the candidates who match your needs (both tech and “human”). Then we arrange interviews with selected developers.

interview developers

03. You interview developers

You interview the candidates and make a conclusion on their skills and experience. No selling tricks.

choose who to hire

04. You choose who to hire

When all formal issues are settled, your developer starts working on your project.

Why Companies Trust Us

Vetted by Seniors

Truth is, it takes a great software developer to recognize another great developer. Thus we have highly-skilled Seniors who always take part in our vetting process.

Qualitative selection

When we were an outsourcing agency, we got the process down pat. Since 2017, we recruited over 300 fabulous software developers, vetted from a base of over 11,000 candidates!

Perfect Hire

Armed with this recruitment process designed specifically for software developers, we’re now helping businesses in the digital space recruit hires that fit them perfectly.

Ready to find
Your perfect developer?

Let’s Talk  

Let Us Find
Your Perfect Software Developers

We make recruiting easy.

A stellar, internal software development team is an indispensable part of any startup and growing business. You know you need one – ASAP – but where do you start?

Simply get in touch! Over the past 5 years our team of recruiters, starting from our the classic outsource agency past found, screened and selected candidates with any skill-set:

Our Services

Our Vetting Process

Recruit that irresistible software developers you’ll trust. Many typical recruitment agencies use processes that attract many candidates but not quality ones. We strive to intimately understand the skills companies need to stay competitive.

soft skill interview

HR & Soft skills interview

During this assessment, we ask a lot of questions about background and experience.

tech interview

Tech interview & testing

The developer completes a coding challenge or passes an online technical interview. It’s all up to the situation and request.

english level test

English Level test

There is no chance a good developer will be hired without good English. Thus we conduct a communication assessment to understand an English level.

About Us

We're StarNavi.
We Connect Developers With Good Firms.

STARNAVI was born out of passion and a market need. After being developers for years themselves, our founders started connecting with entrepreneurs who were looking to expand their software development teams. They discovered that a lot of passionate founders can’t benefit from fragmented classic outsourcing services, which stops them from growing their business.


Establish STARNAVI as the premier place to find software developers in the world, while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.


To inspire business to grow while we take care of software developers and everything connected.


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