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Need a developer fast? Hiring the right developer at the right time can save you from costly delays and dysfunctional products.

Our staff augmentation services provide the perfect solution, ensuring you get the skilled technical resources you need exactly when you need them.

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What is a Staff Augmentation Model?

Staff augmentation services involve hiring external professionals to fill skill gaps in your in house development team. These managed services become necessary when your software development teams lack specific skills for a project development process.

Companies that offer IT augmentation services will:

  • Find talented workforce with the required technical and soft skills
  • Negotiate terms for cooperation
  • Handle legal, financial, and organizational concerns for project’s success

While the onboarding process and team integration remain your responsibility, this gives you control over the new team members. It allows you to bring in efficient talent from anywhere worldwide whenever needed.

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Staff Augmentation Services In Four Easy Steps

StarNAVI, one of the best staff augmentation companies, helps you quickly fill skill gaps in your existing teams by bringing skilled developers on board. This process involves just four simple steps.

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goal setting

01. Goal Setting

Clearly define your objectives. Identify the specific skills and roles your project requires. Setting deadlines and outlining your needs will help you communicate effectively with our team and facilitate your project management.

Candidates Screening StarNAVI

02. Candidates Screening

The next step is to screen the candidates. As your service provider, StarNAVI will sift through a global talent pool of software engineers and shortlist those who meet your technical and interpersonal requirements. We will present only the most suitable candidates for your consideration.

HR and Motivation Management StarNAVI

03. Interviewing

Now, it’s time to interview the shortlisted candidates. You will evaluate their skills, experiences, and compatibility with your existing team. After the interviews, you can select the skilled developers who best fit your project needs.

fast onboarding StarNAVI

04. Onboarding

Finally, we will handle the onboarding process. It includes taking care of all formalities and ensuring that the selected developer starts their first day smoothly in your company.

Benefits of StarNAVI Staff Augmentation Services

StarNAVI helps you meet tight deadlines, stay agile, and take advantage of unexpected business opportunities. Here's how our staff augmentation services ensure a successful collaboration.

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Relevant candidates

Through a thorough vetting process, we ensure the highest level of expertise in candidates, testing their hard and soft skills, motivation and English language proficiency.

Administrative support

Our business process outsourcing (BPO) services cover accounting, contracts, NDAs, payroll, project management tools, and motivation. We create job postings and handle all administrative tasks professionally and punctually.

The globe.

Long-term warranties

Our staff augmentation services come with long-term guarantees. We are fully responsible for our services, which distinguishes us from freelance platforms.


Meeting tight deadlines

Our community of tech professionals is always ready to be hired at short notice, enabling you to meet even the most stringent deadlines.


Boosting your competitiveness

By filling tech talent gaps, you increase your team’s productivity and can develop products that stand out in the market.

High cost-effectiveness

There are no hidden or upfront payments. Each line item on the bill reflects a specific delivered service. Our financial structure is consistent and transparent.

Flexible payment models

You can hire developers at an hourly or monthly rate. You choose the payment scheme, and we manage the payment timetable accordingly.


High retention level

We ensure developers' motivation, comfort, and satisfaction, which leads to stable and reliable collaboration.


Remote mode

Hire an external team from any region, focusing on the right blend of high expertise and affordable pay rates.


Legal status

With our legal entity in the European Union, signing any contract is seamless, ensuring responsibility for the collaboration output.

Flexible scaling

Scale your team up to boost productivity or down to optimize salary expenditures as needed. This flexibility ensures your team remains efficient without unnecessary costs.

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Unambiguous leadership

There is clear leadership for the developers. Your team leader is the sole decision maker, ensuring the tech engineers understand and stick to your authority and requirements.

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What Makes StarNAVI Your Perfect Partner?

Since 2017, we have recruited over 300 fabulous software developers, vetted from a base of over 11,000 candidates!


In-House Hiring

Classic Outsource Company

Freelance Platform

Hire time

1-21 Days

1-6 Months

1-2 months

1-4 weeks

Vetting and screening process in place





Technology & industry match





Hiring and management costs






Easy, Unlimited

Difficult, Limited

Medium, Average

Medium, Average

Recruitment fees

Different Payment Models

$10K - $40K

Depends on a Project

% of Platform

Guaranteed quality






Very High



Very Low




Limited / Rigid

Fairly Flexible

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Your Perfect Software Developers

A strong internal software development team is vital for any startup or growing business. You need one quickly, but knowing where to begin can be challenging.

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For the past six years, we have been identifying and choosing top candidates with the right skills. Here’s how you can hire software developers with our staff augmentation service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you may find interesting. Don’t see your question here? Reach out so we can get it answered for you!

Pros and cons of Staff Augmentation Services

In the US, staffing agencies provide companies with over 16 million professionals annually. In the UK, recruiting agencies reached more than 27,000 in 2022.

The IT staffing market evolves with technological advancements, making the digital industry one of the most innovative sectors of the global economy.

Digital businesses often delegate the task of hiring developers to third-party organizations for several rational reasons:

  • Time efficiency: It takes less time to hire through a staffing agency.
  • Technical expertise: Employers can find suitable candidates without extensive tech skills.
  • Administrative relief: It alleviates the burden of paperwork and legal issues.

Organizations that need IT professionals but lack the resources to fill vacancies often turn to staff augmentation providers. These resources include:

  • Developer network: Access to a network of developers in contact with the company, ensuring quick and positive responses from candidates.
  • Technical assessment: Solid tech skills to evaluate candidates and find the perfect match for the position.
  • Legal expertise: Familiarity with employment laws, especially for remote work and international collaboration.

Reaching out to a top staff augmentation company is an optimal solution for companies with intermittent hiring needs and specific skill requirements. An HR manager with up-to-date contacts with IT engineers can offer appropriate candidates within hours and ensure proper assessment.

While collaborating with a staff augmentation provider offers many benefits, it's important to be aware of the model's limitations:

  • Loyalty and culture fit: In-house IT professionals often exhibit higher loyalty and are more immersed in the company's values, which can motivate them.
  • Cost considerations: Temporary contracts typically come with higher pay rates. For long-term positions, it might be more cost-effective to hire in-house.

By understanding these factors, you can decide whether to use staff augmentation services or hire in-house professionals based on your specific needs and circumstances.

What is Staff Augmentation Service?

Staff augmentation service refers to hiring IT professionals on a short-term basis through a third-party company. The key feature of this concept is flexibility, allowing companies to hire the expertise they need only for the duration required. Once the goal is achieved—such as launching an app or building a data model—the collaboration ends.

Imagine your project team as a LEGO set perfectly tailored to your needs. If you're building a windmill and suddenly realize you need a purple brick you don't have, you face a problem. Here's where staff augmentation comes in. Just like adding the exact LEGO piece you need, IT staff augmentation allows you to bring in specific expertise precisely when required.

When you need that "purple brick" or specialized skill, you have three main options with IT staff augmentation:

  1. Access to a network of developers: A top staff augmentation company maintains a network of developers. This allows employers to contact candidates quickly, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.
  2. Technical assessment: These companies possess the solid tech skills to assess each candidate, ensuring the perfect match for your specific project needs.
  3. Legal and administrative expertise: They are well-versed in employment laws, especially those concerning remote work and international collaborations, alleviating the administrative burden from your shoulders.

By contacting a staff augmentation provider, you can hire developers, architects, UX designers, or project managers with the required expertise for the duration your team needs them. 

Hiring IT professionals is more challenging than it appears. Despite a market saturated with candidates, there is a global talent shortage. According to a McKinsey survey, 43% of top managers worldwide struggle with a skills gap. The IT industry ranks second in this challenge, alongside executive management, HR, and sales.

These days, when people tend to work remotely and seek competitive salaries, negotiations between employers and candidates have become more challenging.

Professionals know how to hire. They are responsible for:

  • Providing candidates with the required skills
  • Legalization of employment relationships
  • Facilitating a smooth onboarding

One significant advantage of using an IT staff augmentation agency is that it takes on all the challenges and responsibilities of hiring and managing temporary staff.

However, the hiring company retains the ultimate control and leadership of the project. Team members are fully aware that the company executing the project is their primary employer, ensuring clear authority and project alignment.

Ready to enhance your project team with expert IT professionals? Contact us today to explore our staff augmentation services and find the perfect fit for your needs!

When to use Staff Augmentation Services?

Choosing between building an in-house team and outsourcing is a strategic decision that depends on various factors, including cost, time, and the specific needs of a project. Here are scenarios where software development staff augmentation is particularly beneficial:

  1. Short-term projects: Staff augmentation is ideal for short-term projects, such as a startup launching a product within a few weeks. The core team, typically the founders, can bring in additional teammates to meet specific goals and timelines. For example, once the app’s design is completed, the collaboration with the designer can end, optimizing cost and time.
  2. Need for niche professionals: Staff augmentation is advantageous when a project temporarily requires a niche professional with a unique skill set. Finding such seasoned professionals can be challenging. IT recruiters from staff augmentation providers use advanced search techniques and personal networks to locate the right talent for these specialized roles.
  3. Hiring from abroad: If a developer from a foreign country is needed, staff augmentation can simplify the process. It addresses legal and organizational issues, such as time zone differences, cultural nuances, and contract signing. Staffing agencies manage these formalities, ensuring the new hire can integrate smoothly into the client’s team, especially if they are tolerant and eager to work in a multicultural environment.

However, staff augmentation may not be the best choice in certain situations:

  • Long-term projects: A dedicated in-house team is often more suitable for long-term projects. Temporary staff might lack the long-term commitment and deep integration needed for sustained project success.
  • High motivation and engagement: Companies expecting high motivation and emotional engagement from developers might find it challenging with augmented staff.

The success of a new member’s adaptation to the team largely depends on the employer’s efforts to integrate them effectively.

‍Staff Augmentation vs Staff Outsourcing?

Software team augmentation is a form of outsourcing because it involves delegating the task of searching for and hiring professionals to a third-party vendor.

However, in practice, the term "outsourcing" typically refers to a broader model where a company hands over an entire set of tasks, including management, to a vendor.

The outsourcing model offers several benefits:

  1. Reduced management burden: Employers are relieved from coordination, control, and maintenance responsibilities. It includes not managing equipment, time, team building, or document flow. The client receives the final results as per the initial goals discussed.
  2. Ease of project launch and execution: Outsourcing simplifies the project launch and execution process. A team lead keeps everything on track, and if control metrics are effective and the team is dedicated, the project runs smoothly. The project's CEO only needs to review reports and provide feedback, which is less time-consuming than comprehensive management.
  3. Seamless integration of new team members: When a new team member is required, the outsourcing vendor manages the entire process without the employer's involvement. It includes selecting the right candidate, integrating them into the team, and ensuring the legitimacy of the collaboration.

The decision between app development staff augmentation and outsourcing hinges primarily on time and cost.

If you have long-term projects spanning several years, consider using an in-house team or outsourcing. However, if you require professional assistance for specific tasks immediately, partnering with a reputable staff augmentation company could be a game changer.

Another critical factor to consider is cost. While you have control over salary payments with an in-house team, staff augmentation offers a more flexible payment structure.

How Does Staff Augmentation Work at StarNAVI?

By contacting a top staff augmentation company like StarNavi, you can efficiently expand your team to the proper extent for a set period and at a reasonable price.

This approach ensures that the team size is perfectly adjusted to your project's needs, deadlines, and specialization areas, such as accounting, sales, healthcare, or education.

App development staff augmentation is particularly popular due to the rapid growth in app creation globally.

Since its inception, StarNavi has honed effective staffing practices to meet client expectations. Our hiring, assessing, and vetting techniques ensure we can quickly fill positions with qualified professionals.

However, before engaging with StarNavi, there are a few prerequisites:

  1. Position list: Provide a list of positions aligned with your company's strategy and the tasks currently lacking expertise.
  2. Position descriptions: Offer brief descriptions for each position, highlighting the required hard and soft skills.
  3. Financial outline: Present your vision of the pay rates for the developers your team needs.

A general understanding of these needs is sufficient for an initial conversation with StarNavi. This discussion helps clarify your questions and goals, enabling StarNavi to prepare a detailed service offer. We aim to add the required number of professionals with the appropriate level of seniority to your projects for the specified duration.

StarNavi guarantees the principles of privacy and information safety. As soon as we seal the deal, our team contacts candidates whose skills and experiences match your requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient team scaling process.

Ready to scale your team with expert IT professionals? Contact us today to learn how StarNAVI's staff augmentation services can help your business thrive!

Are there any upfront fees?

Staff augmentation services are cost-effective mainly because there are no upfront fees; clients only pay for the results that meet their needs and expectations. At StarNAVI, responsibilities are discussed and specified in an agreement, ensuring financial transparency. 

There are generally no additional fees beyond the payment for new team members and the cost of StarNAVI's expertise.

A common challenge arises when an IT specialist quits after a few months. This situation can be challenging for employers due to the time and money invested in hiring and adaptation. However, StarNAVI addresses this by offering another candidate with similar expertise to fill the gap, ensuring continuity and stability for your projects. 

It is a significant advantage over independent searches through freelance platforms, as it provides a reliable way to maintain an entire team.

Motivation is critical to reducing the risk of newly hired developers leaving. StarNAVI filters out candidates who are unclear about their professional plans and focuses on finding dedicated individuals who value the opportunities a reliable employer provides.

Outsourcing and team augmentation are more cost-efficient than hiring an in-house team. Delegating managerial and financial issues to a partner saves money you would otherwise spend on HR managers and accountants. 

Additionally, outsourcing eliminates office maintenance expenditures since it typically involves remote work. The main challenge for employers is onboarding and knowledge transfer, which are simplified when the candidate is motivated.

How Do I Hire Developers at StarNAVI?

There are multiple ways to hire IT staff in partnership with StarNAVI, allowing you to choose the collaboration model that best fits your current needs. One key option StarNAVI offers is to enrich your team with professionals who match your project's specific requirements.

Our set of staff augmentation services includes:

  • On-demand assistance: Helping outline the professional profiles of candidates needed to fill talent gaps
  • Candidate search: Finding candidates whose expertise aligns with your demands
  • Vetting process: Evaluating both the hard and soft skills of developers
  • Formal hiring procedures: Managing the formal aspects of the hiring process, including contract signing.

StarNAVI emphasizes identifying each candidate's strengths and weaknesses to ensure they can contribute effectively from day one. The hiring process is comprehensive and involves several steps:

  1. Candidate pool: StarNAVI provides a pool of candidates who match your team's skill gaps
  2. Pre-interviews: After you shortlist the best candidates, pre-interviews are conducted
  3. Tech interviews: If a candidate stands out, StarNAVI arranges an online technical interview
  4. Formal hiring: Once you decide on a candidate, StarNAVI initiates the formal hiring procedures

The outsourcing model means that a third-party vendor handles the job. However, app development staff augmentation requires more effort from the employer for onboarding and mentorship. StarNAVI aims to minimize your time expenditures by hiring highly motivated specialists with relevant skills and experience.

Working remotely, StarNAVI understands the challenges of remote work and identifies candidates who are prepared to work from a home office with minimal micromanagement.

This remote format offers significant opportunities, including the potential to collaborate with IT engineers from Eastern Europe, whose salary expectations are typically lower compared to those from the U.S. and Western Europe.

Ready to hire top-tier developers for your project? Contact us today to explore StarNAVI's staff augmentation services and find the perfect candidates for your team!

What is the rate for Staff Augmentation?

The staff augmentation rate can vary depending on several factors, including the industry, the level of expertise required, geographic location, and the duration of the contract. 

Generally, companies charge an hourly rate for augmented staff, ranging from $15 to $60 per hour or more, depending on the complexity and specialization of the tasks involved.

What is the meaning of augmentation in work?

In the work context, augmentation refers to improving an existing team by adding additional skilled resources. It can be done to address temporary increases in workload, fill skill gaps, or bring in specialized knowledge for specific projects. 

The goal is to improve the team’s capabilities and productivity without the long-term costs and commitments of hiring permanent employees.

What is Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting?

Staff augmentation and consulting are two different approaches to addressing skill gaps and project needs:

  • Staff augmentation: This model allows you to bring in outside experts to work alongside your team under your management. They assist in completing specific tasks or projects, providing a flexible and cost-effective way to expand your team's capabilities swiftly.
  • Consulting: Consulting entails enlisting the services of an external company or experts to offer professional guidance and solutions. These consultants usually operate independently from your team and concentrate on delivering strategic insights, recommendations, and project-specific results. Consulting is desired for larger organizational transformations or intricate problem-solving that demands specialized knowledge and experience.

Staff augmentation is about adding temporary team members to fill specific roles while consulting focuses on bringing in external expertise to guide and improve business strategies and processes.

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