AWS vs GCP vs Azure

AWS vs GCP vs Azure

Check out the comparison of advantages between AWS vs GCP vs Azure.

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The past couple of years have seen a growing need for cloud-based services. Large companies like Facebook and Twitter are using third-party cloud service providers to get both hardware and software infrastructure for storing data. With that said, the number of cloud providers stands at more than hundred, attracting more customers. What’s more interesting,  using third-party cloud services offers so many benefits.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you use the right service. But with so many choices which one should you pick? As it stands, the top three contenders in this business are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft. Which of these will be the best fit for you? Let’s find out now!

AWS vs GCP vs Azure Use Application

As it stands, AWS has a clear advantage over other services. Let’s start from it. First of all, it has been around for a longer period than its rivals. But Azure has a slightly higher advantage as the cloud service provider with the highest revenue. GCP on the other hand is the most profitable and has a higher growth rate than the other two contenders. The best way to figure out which to use is by looking closer and what each of these platforms provides.

Initially, GCP focused mostly on small companies. However, in 2019, the platform took a major risk by targeting some of the biggest companies in the world. While GCP might be the third in this competition, it has shown significant growth over the past two years. Google cloud platform provides its services to different industries including:

  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Software
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication

Examples of companies using GCP include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. As you can see, these are the huge companies on the market.

AWS has over a million users, making it the most popular cloud platform. It serves all types of companies including finance, healthcare, education, government, and media. AWS is used also for gaming industries, IT companies, and websites. Popular companies that use this platform include Twitter, Netflix, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Microsoft Azure has always been a tough competitor as the second platform to be launched. Azure focuses mostly on technology and so is a great choice for those in the same industry. Companies that wish to move from one Microsoft product to another are better off using Azure. Azure offers its services to other industries including healthcare, finance, and gaming. Companies using Azure include LinkedIn, LG Electronics, Verizon, and Adobe.

Why Use AWS

As the leading cloud service provider, AWS has several advantages. Let’s see the main benefits you can get.

1. Experience

For over 15 years AWS has been gaining more experience on how to improve its services. Amazon Web services have customers from almost every industry. AWS has set the trend that other platforms are trying to follow and improve. The experience in the business puts AWS in a better position to provide new innovative solutions.

2. Great User Reach

Because AWS has been around for the longest period, it comes as no surprise that it is the most popular cloud service provider. It has a very dynamic user-base coming from different industries. Because AWS works with several partners, users have access to integrated solutions.

3. Machine Learning

Amazon Web services boast of a wide range of services directed towards Artificial intelligence. In this regard, AWS is going head to head with GCP as both platforms excel at machine learning. With services like SageMaker, users have access to faster deployment.

4. High Functionality

AWS offers its users a lot of capabilities. Services include data storage, analytics, No-Code development, IoT, AI, and machine learning. AWS has several databases for different types of applications. So users can pick which tool would be most suitable.

Why Use GCP

GCP is a great option for its certain reasons. One of them, the GCP provider offers cheaper services. Let’s see in detail.

1. Cheaper

The prices that GCP charges give it an advantage over the others because GCP charges its users per 10 minutes. Long-running workloads have discounts. There is no need for an upfront payment as it is with AWS. AWS will only offer discounts to users who have a prepaid agreement. Microsoft Azure also only provides discounts on a pre-pay basis.

2. Best Open Source platform

Google cloud platform is by the far the biggest platform that provides OSS. This gives it an edge over the other services. GCP integrates other products such as Kubernetes and DevOps services. Google works with other product providers as a way of promoting an open-source environment.

3. Offers many solutions

When it comes to analytics and machine learning, GCP is a clear favorite. The combination of BigQuery and DataFlow ensures that companies can process large amounts of data. Also, Kubernetes simplifies container cluster management. With GCP, businesses can leverage AI with ease.

4. Simple live migrations

One of the things that make GCP different is its live migrations for virtual machines. No other provider has this feature. You can move your virtual machines without the need to reboot them. The virtual machines' properties will remain unchanged. This includes IP addresses, data, and network connections.

Why Use Azure

Azure is a preferred option for several companies. Let’s check the following reasons why it is so popular on the market.

1. Top Notch Hybrid support

Microsoft Azure is the best choice when it comes to offering hybrid support. Users have access to Azure Stack. With Azure Stack, you can run your applications in the public Azure.

2. Highly available

Azure boasts of being the most available platform, providing its services across the world. It has the most number of data centers. Its services are available in over 135 countries. So it means that you have data access regardless of which part of the world your company is in.

3. Cost-effective

One of the biggest advantages that Azure has is the fact that it's integrated with other Microsoft solutions such as Windows. Anyone already using Windows can easily switch to Azure. This platform offers discounts to companies already using other Microsoft solutions. For instance, if a company is using the enterprise plan, it can easily add any other solutions including Azure. This can be part of your agreement. Should you need additional services, you can pay for them individually.

4. Very compliant

Azure is one of the most compliant platforms. With over 90 compliance offerings, the platform has thousands of experts working to make sure that their clients are protected from security malware. These experts can process a huge amount of data daily. A lot of funds are directed to tackle and prevent security issues.


With the growing need for cloud platforms, many businesses are competing for the top spot. The three major contenders are AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. Each of these platforms has advantages.

According to the review, AWS has the most experience and serves a lot of customers from different industries. GCP offers the cheapest services which don't require users to pay for a prepaid package. Microsoft Azure is a great option for anyone already using Windows and Office. Azure also offers its services in many countries around the world. So all three are great options depending on your needs.

Most companies usually prefer using a multi-cloud. This allows them to prevent vendor lock-in. Usually, the multi-cloud consists of AWS and Azure. However, a combination of any of these three can work well.

Interesting fact, AWS revenue should grow 27% year-over-year to $13.1B. Yes, AWS dominates but Azure records fastest growth. We also feel that GCP is growing fast. We’d love to hear your thoughts too on AWS vs AZURE vs GCP and who dominates the future.
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 AWS vs GCP vs Azure