Case Study: Rezamp + STARNAVI


Python, Django, Celery, Flask, Microservices, Postgres, AWS, AWS Lambda Angular, SCSS, HTML5, TypeScript, JavaScript


Real Estate


Real estate investment services, including wholesale, mortgages, fix and flip loans, and taking ownership through investment funds

About the Company

Rezamp is a reliable partner for investors since 2011. Company experts believe everyone should have access to high-quality real estate investments and provide opportunities for loans, mortgages, buying houses, and financing projects through funds. A team of professionals helps investors reduce costs and maximize the long-term return potential. The company is Arizona's fastest-growing direct lender.

Our Services

Rezamp contacted STARNAVI when it became clear that an app crucial for business performance needs to catch up with technologies to maximize its ROI. Another challenge was to make the app performance more sustainable and prevent the system from memory leaks. 

The company made a sensible decision to hire a dedicated team for effective coordination and to get quick result instead of outsourcing particular tasks. We hired a team that included:

  • two Python developers;
  • two UI designers;
  • a project manager.

Provided by STARNAVI senior developers converted an application from C# to Python and rebuilt an app architecture to ensure more system stability. In addition, devs migrated an app to Amazon Web Services (AWS). UI designers' part of the job was to convert an app to Angular to improve functionality. Retooling and refining resulted in enhanced user experience, customer journey optimization, and engagement increase.

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