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Hiring services perfectly adjusted to your projects’ needs – that’s the core of our expertise. Expand your team of developers within the shortest terms with an IT staffing partner who is at one page with the Eastern European market of tech talents.

Our IT Staffing Services

STARNAVI's expertise covers all IT hiring processes. We're glad to provide you with comprehensive staffing solutions for your success in software development.

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01. IT Staff Augmentation

Take off the burden of tech talent search while filling new positions and keeping control over your distributed team. We search, vet, negotiate, and sign contracts. You empower your in-house team with the developers your project requires.


02. Dedicated Team

It’s the optimal solution for ambitious long-term projects when you expect the highest productivity and team consistency from day one. Scale up your team easily by hiring engineers at certain stages of the software project development.


03. Business Process Outsourcing

Keep your workflow smooth and productive while we're dealing with HR, Legal, Payroll, and other support tasks for your distributed team. Hire in Eastern Europe through STARNAVI's legal entity.


04. Developers on Demand

A junior, middle, or senior hero: who is welcome to your project? We'll find a gem with a unique set of tech skills, as well as motivated, inquisitive, and driven. Take advantage of the flexible collaboration model: hire when you need.

Technologies: the Full Spectrum

Our pool of vetted candidates includes representatives of almost any software technologies. We tackle any technology, language, framework, or tool. Check it out.

What Makes Us Different?

Coffee should be strong. Tea should be aromatic. Staffing team should be able to cover all client's needs. We'll offer a full-fledged solution to your need in hiring developers with legal compliance and a flexible payment package.

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Vetted developers

You contact only the potential matches – the developers with the required skill sets and proper English.

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BPO assistance

We have a legal entity in the EU. Hire Eastern Europe engineers with 100% legal compliance, including NDAs.


Replacement guarantee

If a developer fails to pass a probation period, we provide you with a replacement – a coder with the required skills.

flexible payment models

Payment variability

We offer transparent and flexible payment models. Hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or open book – pay as you find it optimal.

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Easy scaling

Hire software developers according to your product's life-cycle needs. Optimize your team without extra effort.

cost effectiveness

Cost-effective hiring

Developers from Eastern Europe are skilled, intelligent, and motivated. Their salary expectations are lower than of engineers in the U.S.

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