How our vetting process helps us to hire best talent

We vet as if we were building our own team and going to spend the rest of our lives with these guys on the deserted island. Vetting at STARNAVI is multifaceted, thorough, and double-quick. Benefit from candidates who match your ambitions.


How We Hire Only the Top of Software Engineers

Our process is established and proven through years of work. Virtually no risks, only positive results.

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01. Pre-screening

A recruiter gleans information about a candidate who seems a good fit from publicly available sources: CV, LinkedIn, social media profiles, activity on GitHub, and some others. The goal is to see a picture that is bigger than a CV draws. A recruiter checks the references as well to get the complex impression of the candidate’s achievements, peculiarities, and possible weaknesses.


02. HR Interview

An IT recruiter tests a candidate’s soft skills, then finds out about the developer’s motivation and expectations toward a position. During a conversation, a recruiter elaborates on a developer’s experience: challenges, breakthroughs, and career turning points. A recruiter is especially focused on the relationship issue: if a candidate is flexible enough to adjust to an employer’s company culture.

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03. English Assessment Test

A recruiter finds out about a candidate’s English level during an HR interview. However, for reliable estimation, a more detailed check is available. Online testing like Linguaskill © from Cambridge University allows assessing the whole range of language skills: speaking, writing, and comprehension. What tests a recruitment team uses for a particular candidate depends on the role and required English background.


04. Written Code Test

Nothing tells more about a developer’s skill set than a real coding session. A candidate gets a task closely related to the tech stack required for the position. At STARNAVI, we use online tests like CoderPad or DevSkiller, our own tests, or we can also use a test task offered by a clients’ team.

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05. Tech Interview with Senior Developers

It’s the most challenging step for an interviewee and the most informative for a recruitment team. At STARNAVI, we do our best to provide as much engagement for a candidate as possible so that a software engineer could showcase all the talents and merits. The interview is managed by senior developers in particular technologies which are crucial for the project or a company.

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A stellar, internal software development team is an indispensable part of any startup and growing business. You know you need one – ASAP – but where do you start?

Simply get in touch! Over the past 5 years our team of recruiters, starting from our the classic outsource agency past found, screened and selected candidates with any skill-set:

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The Benefits of Hiring Vetted Developers Through STARNAVI

We provide step-by-step software engineers examination concentrating on your project goals. We estimate tech and communication skills and give you a 3D picture of your potential hire.


The best fits

We hire engineers who best suit your project from a broad cross-section of candidates with relevant skill sets. Vetting is multifaceted and focused on your specific requirements.

cost effectiveness

Cost efficiency

We’ve built a concise and focused hiring process to reduce your payments throughout the procedure. You invest in the tangible result: the hired talents who help your company reach for the stars.

time efficiency

Time efficiency

From the first call, we focus on your project’s goal. You contact developers who meet your expectations without spending any minute on chit-chatting.


Replacement on demand

Issues happen. We provide a reliable vetting procedure; however, we deal with people who are flesh and blood. If a mismatch takes place, we’ll offer you another developer without charge.

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Remote developers

The most cost-efficient developers are remote, since they are offshore. We collaborate with remote-wise candidates with solid time management and self-organizing skills.

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Hiring offshore

Hire an offshore team, skipping the daunting task of entity creation. We have a legal entity in the EU and provide 100% hiring compliance with local legislation.


BP outsourcing

We suppose you wouldn’t mind putting the burden of paperwork on our shoulders. We draft contracts and NDAs, and manage accounting and benefits packages for your developers.

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Friendly partnership

We enjoy partnership and are pleased when our partners get the service quality they expect. No. We’re happy when we exceed expectations. Maybe, that’s why our churn rate is close to zero :)


Relationships transparency

We don’t hide gems from you. We help find them and work as a middle layer dealing with organizational and legal issues. You contact developers directly throughout the hiring process.

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Easy growth

By project-oriented hiring and time-bound collaboration with developers, you scale your company up and down with high cost-effectiveness. Hire worldwide when you need it.

More Services

Recruit that irresistible software developers you’ll trust. Many typical recruitment agencies use processes that attract many candidates but not quality ones. We strive to intimately understand the skills companies need to stay competitive.


Staff Augmentation

Easily scale your development team. Reduce operating costs while maintaining productivity as much as possible

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Dedicated Team

Hire remote team dedicated to the realization of your project. It’s a silver bullet to be flexible and highly efficient.

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Developers on Demand

Work with highly skilled, curated talent which can be deployed quickly. Our devs are the most compatible fit with your needs.

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Managed Software Development

Our web development experts can turn your ideas into working digital solutions.

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How to Check if the Vetting Process Is Trustworthy?

In IT recruitment, the key procedure is vetting. Vetting is a cross-checking process focused on candidates’ hard and soft skills. The goal of vetting is to find a 100% relevant candidate. A reliable IT staffing partner uses a multi-stage selection process based on principles and tools which eliminate biases and help unwrap candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Vetting is productive when it is:

  • thorough – experts assess hard and soft skills to get a complete picture of the candidate’s capabilities;

  • concise – in an interview, an IT recruiter evaluates a candidate’s potential in general; the tech interview takes place only if a developer matches the company’s culture and could be easily integrated into a team;

  • goal-oriented – the aim is to weed out candidates who don’t fit and pinpoint those who meet expectations completely.

You can get an impression of the potential staffing partner during the very first call. Is a manager asking specific questions about your project and trying to define your need? Is a recruiter trying to state the search goal? Is vetting in a company multidimensional? If yes, these are good signs.


What Makes Us a Perfect Partner?

Since 2017, we have recruited over 300 fabulous software developers, vetted from a base of over 11,000 candidates!


In-House Hiring

Classic Outsource Company

Freelance Platform

Hire time

1-21 Days

1-6 Months

1-2 months

1-4 weeks

Vetting and screening process in place





Technology & industry match





Hiring and management costs






Easy, Unlimited

Difficult, Limited

Medium, Average

Medium, Average

Recruitment fees

Different Payment Models

$10K - $40K

Depends on a Project

% of Platform

Guaranteed quality






Very High



Very Low




Limited / Rigid

Fairly Flexible


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