How To Hire Developers With STARNAVI

You want a developer to join your team in no time and contribute from day one. It works like this in a perfect world. In the real world, you need a partner, intelligent and quick on the uptake. Try STARNAVI.

4 Easy Steps To Hire Your Next Software Developer

We start the search as soon as you set the goal. Our recruiters are on a mission to find the best fit for your project within reasonable deadlines. Enjoy seamless communication and agile pricing options. We will fight tooth and nail to scale up your team!

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01. Tell Us About Your Need

We're good at asking questions, so you won't spend much time telling us about a project. Share with us a project outline, and we’ll elaborate on the details. You're still drinking coffee after a call with STARNAVI; we're already in search.

02. Meet Chosen Developers

Exciting moment! You discussed the CVs we showed you. You made up your mind about the most promising devs. It's time to meet them in person. An online interview is a cliffhanger compared to leafing through the resumes, believe us.


03. Test Coders' Skill Set

That's what you're going to hire developers for – to write code. We vet candidates through technical interviews and code assignments. However, you might want to test devs' hard skills yourself. We'll use your feedback to meet expectations better.

04. Hire And Blast Off

Bingo! You've found each other and are eager to streamline your energy into the project’s growth. Onboarding is easy when your new developer is motivated and matches your team's culture. Enjoy the sense of novelty while we're staying in touch for support.

The Benefits of Hiring Vetted Developers With STARNAVI

We search fast. We find developers who fit. We vet comprehensively. Add to this legal compliance, payroll, HR and benefits management, warranties, and our recruiters' dedication. That's how we work.

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Vetted developers

Save time for the candidate's skills assessment. Vetted means they are interviewed and completed tech assignments.

BPO assistance

Leave payroll, accounting, and legal compliance to us. Focus on building the products.

Eastern Europe gems

Hire offshore. Deal with talented and motivated coders whose salary expectations are fair.

Sustainable result

We carry out promises. Any signs of mismatching? We'll provide another dev with the same skill set.

Flexible engagement model

Hire a whole team or 1-2 developers. Choose what works for you: hourly, monthly rate or open book.


Efficient scaling

Optimize your team size according to your strategy. Hire when you need your project to go into high gear.

More Services

Recruit that irresistible software developers you’ll trust. Many typical recruitment agencies use processes that attract many candidates but not quality ones. We strive to intimately understand the skills companies need to stay competitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you may find interesting. Don’t see your question here? Reach out, so we can get it answered for you!

What should I tell you about a project to get started?

Hiring is an extremely consumer-oriented task. Its core is matching between a project and a developer. We know a great deal about searching and hiring developers; however, our knowledge only costs a little without information on your project. The more details we have, the better match we provide.

Some features we need to know are crucial. They are:

  • brief project description – its goal, place on the market, expectations on its development, product tech stack;
  • the role description – technologies and tools, experience, seniority level, and command of English.

Picture the portrait of the impeccable developer – and we'll manage his incarnation for your team. The required tech stack is a primary issue; however, mental and cultural concurrency matters. That's why we're eager to know more about your team. What newcomer's traits would be met enthusiastically by teammates? Which could clash with your team values? We'll find a software engineer who your team will assimilate easily, as though a developer has been a part of your project from day one.

Last (almost), but not least. Financial expectations should be as straightforward as possible. What pay rate do you consider appropriate for the position? We're ready to offer candidates with the required skill set within your budget.

There are a few organizational issues that need to be discussed. For a distributed team, working across different time zones could be challenging – unless your developers' working hours overlap with yours. How many hours would you like to overlap? We'll offer you the developers available for the rest of your team within a time large enough for productive work.

How Long Does It Take To Find And Hire A Software Developer?

Precise numbers look good in a call to action; however, we can't share one figure to answer this question. Hiring deadlines start from a few days and can be lengthened for up to a month. How long it will take depends on the task. The time span is different for hiring a junior QA and a senior back-end developer. Higher requirements entail deadline stretching. There is a number of factors that define the task complexity:

  • Tech stack. It's comparatively easy to find a developer seasoned in popular technologies such as Java or .Net. Reaching out to a programmer skilled at some unique tech stack is more challenging.
  • Seniority level. The most versed programmers are always in demand, and their salary expectations are high since they are often not in search of vacancies; rather, the market needs them. Negotiations can be tough unless you deal with motivated and open to proposals devs ready to jump to your project right after vetting.
  • Soft skills. As an IT staff partner, we're responsible for meeting the project's technical needs and providing the match who can be assimilated into your company's culture quickly and thoroughly. This criterion narrows down the number of candidates we're ready to offer a particular company, since every team's culture is unique.
  • Expected start date. You might have a specific date to find a developer. It means we have to find an engineer who meets all the requirements – and a person should be available on a certain date. For senior positions, the task could be challenging.

At StarNAVI, we use several sources of information, including our pool of candidates. We'll fill your talent gap within two weeks if we have the right person under our belt. On the other hand, we're not limited by any sources or channels, so we're ready to tackle any task. How much time it will take to handle it, we're ready to tell you as soon as you share the task with us.

Are There Any Recruitment Fees?

No, there aren't any payments for recruitment services. As StarNAVI's client, you pay for the result – a developer who is already a part of your team, and you can claim that your new dev meets your expectations. You get one invoice that includes:

  • Developer's payment. It could be a salary paid monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or billing for working hours.
  • Taxes and other payments, which are obligatory in the country where your dev is settled. We provide your payment compliance; you don't spend time for studying foreign legislation.
  • Benefits package. We assist you with managing it since we know the market trends and can find the trade-offs between devs' expectations and your financial interests.
  • Our reward. It is a fixed fraction of a developer's salary.

One paycheck model has many clear advantages. Firstly, it helps provide you with a clear vision of your expenses on software developers' expertise. Secondly, payments are easy to manage: you can get the whole picture at any time. Finally, the model prevents you from spending time diving deeply into the off-shore labor market peculiarities. As mentioned, we take care of payments compliance and the pay rate alignment with the local market.

We want to be sure that you're perfectly contented with our service; that's why we're ready to make a replacement if your new developer doesn't perform well – free of charge, of course. In this case, we ask for detailed feedback, and, after finding out the reasons for the mismatch, we offer you another programmer with the required skill set.

How Do You Choose Developers For My Project?

We use several channels and tools to draw talented developers' attention; we pre-vet them and offer you engineers who match your requirements best. This model allows us to fill the position quickly since we deal with developers with confirmed expertise. However, we're not limited to any pool of candidates and are ready to search from scratch when you need a gem with a unique skill set. The search is focused on the following:

  • tech skills;
  • communication skills;
  • English fluency.

Hard skills are a priority. However, we pay attention to the cultural matches and work ethics as a background for your team's consistency. We take into account the time zones difference and are ready to offer you software developers whose working hours overlap with yours.

To provide you with the best candidates, we use vetting – the step-by-step process of developer's skills assessment. It is managed by recruiters and senior engineers. Vetting is multidimensional and unbiased; it ensures in-depth research of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

Although vetting is a well-structured and formal procedure, the selection process is individual for each case. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, every project is unique. Secondly, we should meet our clients' expectations to offer the perfect fit. So, we use a particular set of approaches, techniques, and tools for each case to hit the goal.

Can We Sign An NDA?

We'll sign an NDA right after you decide that StarNAVI is your IT staffing partner. Before you tell us about your business in detail, your information is protected.

While hiring developers for your projects, we use two types of a confidentiality agreement:

  • mutual – signed between you as a client and StarNAVI as your partner;
  • unilateral – signed between you as an employer and a developer as a contractor.

Both agreements have the same goal: to protect confidential information from exposure to third parties. By signing an NDA, we create the legal framework for trustworthy collaboration. There are a few reasons why we need such a procedure. We need plenty of information about your company and a particular project to hit the targets. We ask for details we really need, and not more. However, many pieces of data could be sensitive, such as an MVP design or the crux of your marketing strategy. We sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement in the first step of collaboration so that both parties could focus on scaling up projects and adding value to a business while being sure that information leakage is excluded.

We take care that an NDA covers all the situations when information loss is possible. For a mutual agreement, we ensure protection for both sides. Each contract is perfectly adjusted to our client's business peculiarities: StarNAVI is a flexible partner, with the client’s' interests as a priority.

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