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Looking for a seasoned pilot to navigate the complex airspace of your API landscape? STARNAVI is on a mission to deliver experienced FAST API developers to your pilot cockpit in no time! Benefit from hiring developers whose skills are competitive, while the salary expectations are twice as low as those of devs in the U.S.

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Tell StarNavi about your requirements

01. Tell us about your requirements

We'll be happy to know about your project and see the list of skills you expect from your developer. Give us a hint – and we'll find a gem for you!

Pick the best devs from the hand-picked ones

02. Pick the best devs from the hand-picked ones

We offer you a list of candidates who meet your requirements. You decide who is worth interviewing. We pre-vet candidates you have your eye on.

Meet the best candidates online, in-person

03. Meet the best candidates online, in-person

Make a complete impression on the candidates by meeting them face to face. Assess their hard and soft skills. Make the final decision.

Hire, onboard and enjoy

04. Hire, onboard and enjoy

We'll assist your company while hiring – all the paperwork, including contracts and NDAss our task. Enjoy the new stage of your product development to the fullest!

Why Hire FAST API Developers With STARNAVI for Your Next Project?

99.99% of software products, such as applications or websites, need APIs. Hence, chances are high that one day you’ll need to augment your team with a professional with specialized expertise in building APIs and experience in using the FAST API framework. STARNAVI is here to find for you the most talented devs in the field and hire them with legal compliance, and within a narrow window of time.

Our legal entity in the EU, along with our comprehensive BPO services package and full commitment, is at your service. We stay in touch with a vast pool of pre-vetted FAST API programmers, so we can provide you with relevant candidates within a few days.

STARNAVI's Strengths

Take advantage of the partnership with a team of professionals who know how to hire developers cost-efficiently, within strict deadlines, and with full compliance.

Relevant candidates

Relevant candidates

Our goal is a match between your requirements and the developer's hard and soft skills.

Administrative support with StarNavi

Administrative support

We'll manage to sign the contract's and NDAs. Our legal entity in the EU is at your service.

Long-Term Warranties with StarNavi

Long-term warranties

We'll offer you a replacement if our developer doesn’t meet your expectations. You win anyway.

Meeting tight deadlines with StarNavi

Meeting tight deadlines

Our pool of pre-vetted developers is big. We're focused. Get ready to onboard your new dev in no time.

Boosting your competitiveness with StarNavi

Boosting your competitiveness

Augment your distributed team by skilled developers and create software products able to win the marker race.

High Cost-Effectiveness with StarNavi

High cost-effectiveness

We do our best to optimize your staffing budget by hiring developers offshore and helping you build a cost-efficient remote team.

Flexible Payment Models with StarNavi

Flexible payment models

Revamp your budget by picking the most convenient model. Pay hourly, bi-weekly or monthly.

High retention level with StarNavi

High retention level

Our goal is to build strong relationships between an employer and a developer. Sustainable results make us happy.

Remote Mode with StarNavi

Remote mode

We'll hire developers remotely for remote work. You'll save tons of time and effort while hiring and coordinating a distributed team.

Legal status with StarNavi

Legal status

STARNAVI's legal entity in the EU and our expertise ensure the legal background for your team augmentation. We guarantee compliance.

Flexible scaling with StarNavi

Flexible scaling

Vary the number of developers and their contract duration according to your project's needs. Scale up your team comfortably.

Unambiguous leadership with StarNavi

Unambiguous leadership

We're eager to stay on top of the market and build proactive teams. We set the standards and trends, not we follow them.

Need a Specific Tech Stack? Let us know!

Hiring devs with rare or even unique skill sets is our thing. Tell us about your expertise gap – and we’ll find a gem for your collection of talents.


Learn More About FAST API Technology

Skills to Look for in a FAST API Developer

A FAST API developer, firstly, is a professional who works on the back-end side of the software project. Secondly, a developer works with a framework based on Python which inherited many of the features and advantages of this programming language. Finally, FAST API, as a framework, is compatible with plenty of other frameworks and libraries. All the mentioned factors take a part in the formation of the FAST API developer’s field of expertise.

Here is a list of skills crucial for a developer who build APIs for a wide range of applications for different industries:

  • Python basics and tools. A developer should know the basic concepts of the language, such as object-oriented and asynchronous programming principles, data types, classes, objects, and others. Knowledge of several Python libraries and tools is vital as well, including Pydantic, SQLAlchemy, FastAPI-JWT, pytest and unittest. A deep understanding of how FAST API interacts with other Python frameworks – preliminary Flask and Django – is also required.
  • API design principles. An understanding of how APIs work is a must for a developer who builds connections between applications and services. This field of expertise includes APIs endpoints design, relevant usage of HTTP protocols, and request and response formats definition.
  • Documentation. An ability to write clear and concise documentation is key to relevant APIs functioning and maintenance. Documentation prevents a team from errors and misconceptions, bolstering the development of a high-performance, easy-maintainable application resistant to security threats. The framework has its own tools for the automated creation of documentation. Also, developers can use other tools, such as ReDoc or Sphinx. In the context of documentation, OpenAPI is worth mentioning since the knowledge of this set of standards for RESTful APIs creation and description is also required for FAST API developers.
  • Testing tools. There is a large variety of tools which provide smart testing of APIs. The most widespread of them are pytest, Coverage, Pydantic, and Swagger UI. Some of them are more than tools for testing entirely; for example, Pydantic is a tool for data validation as well.

The skill set you can expect from a particular candidate depends considerably on the projects’ peculiarities and the specific requirements for a certain position. Seniority level is the criterion that matters most: the higher level of responsibilities broadens the list of required skills backed up by experience. In STARNAVI, we’ll enthusiastically help you compose the list of requirements for your future FAST API engineer or clarify your vision of the position so that you can augment your team with a professional who perfectly matches your needs.

How To Hire FAST API Developers?

Hiring developers requires professional expertise, dedication, and resources, of which time is vital but not the only one. Hiring offshore is more challenging than hiring onshore due to the need for deep knowledge of the local employment laws and the demand for effective communication despite cultural differences and often limited time zone overlap. However, a task can be less time-consuming if you collaborate with a reliable staffing partner. You can delegate your partner the most resource-demanding parts of the job, such as:

  • Searching devs through the Internet and resume screening. Freelance platforms, job sites, job dashboards, and LinkedIn will offer you plenty of resumes which seem relevant; however, you have to screen them and pick the candidates whose experience matches most of your requirements.
  • Vetting. This stage is complex and includes such tasks as contacting candidates, interview scheduling, interviewing candidates, and summarizing the impressions. To get a comprehensive vision of developers’ strengths and weaknesses, you need to apply more than one way of skills assessment. Moreover, not only tech skills are on focus. Communication skills, attitudes towards remote work, and career expectations matter. One should test all mentioned parameters to make a well-rounded conclusion.
  • Hiring. This stage is also complex and includes composing an offer, signing contracts and NDAs, developer onboarding, and support during the adaptation period. Using effective approaches saves plenty of time and effort. Expertise in employment legislation ensures compliance. Offers and benefits packages which align with market trends and developers’ expectations are a solid background for fruitful collaboration.

Staffing companies’ expertise is honed to tackle all mentioned tasks; hence, they can hit the goal faster and with less effort. STARNAVI as a staffing partner will gladly provide you with recruitment services for hiring FAST API developers in Eastern Europe. First, our legal entity in the EU ensures legal compliance and cost efficiency. Secondly, our robust and comprehensive vetting protects you from wasting your time on communication with candidates whose skill set is irrelevant to your expectations. With us, you can enjoy, communicating with intelligent, dedicated developers, perfectly adjusted to remote work. Most importantly, you will benefit from cost-effectiveness and warranties.

Questions To Ask When Hiring FAST API Developers

Questions are a standard way of evaluating professionals' expertise. When you hire FAST API developers, you use an interview as a part of vetting, i.e., the procedure of devs' skills examination. While you can use a variety of pre-written questions, it's advisable not to rely only on the answers to this standard (and partially predictable) questions for making a conclusion about candidates' relevancy to the position. There are other reliable methods for a comprehensive candidates assessment, such as assignments, live coding sessions, and code reviews. However, one can use questions as one of the tools for vetting programmers.

Here are examples of the topics you can discuss with a candidate during an interview to evaluate the developer's expertise and experience:

  • What is dependency injection, and how does it work in FAST API?
  • Give step-by-step instructions on how to create and document an endpoint. What do you do when you see an error in an endpoint?
  • Why is versioning important while building an API? How does it influence API's stability?
  • How does pagination influence APIs performance?
  • Compare and contrast GraphQL and REST in the context of API development.

These questions are more suitable for junior developers since they appeal to the basic concepts and mechanisms of API development. When interviewing middle to senior developers, you can apply a more "analytical" approach. To start a conversation, you can use questions which generalize the developer's experience. For example:

  • If you have experience with APIs optimization, how did you handle a task?
  • How did you integrate authentication and authorization features into APIs?
  • Can you give up to three examples of different API architectures you designed for different applications?
  • How do you provide application security while developing APIs, apart from implementing authorization and authentication?
  • What schemas and tools did you use to develop different APIs for a complex project?

It makes sense to bear in mind that each set of questions should be tailored to a particular position to let you tease out information about candidates' strong and weak points.

You can consider an opportunity to entrust interviewing or even the wider vetting process to a reliable staffing partner. It will help you avoid investing time in searching for the best question formulations and interpreting answers. With STARNAVI, you can obtain a comprehensive candidates estimation, with the goal of employing FAST API developers who are the best match for your project.

Why Are FAST API Developers In Such High Demand?

The vast majority of applications use APIs as means of communication between applications and services. As each web or mobile application needs APIs, developers who build these structures are highly welcomed in most projects.

The high demand for FAST API developers is caused by the framework's capabilities for creation of the responsive, reliable, fast, and easy-scalable applications.

There are several features, principles and tools of the framework which make it a component of the tech stacks in many projects:

  • modularity – the framework's ability to compose an application from self-contained and easily manageable blocks which speeds up the development process, simplifies maintenance, and makes scaling easier;
  • a large number of in-built tools which allow developers to concentrate on APIs optimization rather than tackling routine tasks, such as creating documentation or fixing errors;
  • tools inherited from Python that help build APIs architecture, deal with request and response routing and validate data; all of them result in development optimization and reduced errors.

The use of API is ubiquitous in today's software development in the sense that one can hardly find an industry or a team which doesn't need this technology to implement it into their software projects. Here are just examples of the projects implying using FAST API:

  • a social media analytics platform;
  • a healthcare management software;
  • an e-commerce platform;
  • a real-time streaming application.

For each of these software products, APIs provide mechanisms for handling large volumes of data, fast operation processing, and seamless integration with other applications. Since the technology is widespread, powerful, and versatile, and many companies are eager to use it, you may find that hiring a FAST API developer can be challenging despite the vast pool of developers available for in-house or remote collaboration. STARNAVI is here to help you find and hire devs whose experience aligns with your projects' requirements and business strategy.

What Does A FAST API Developer Do?

A FAST API developer creates APIs – connectors which provide data exchange between applications, making possible the existence of such features as authentication, authorization, payment processing, geolocation detection, image recognition, and many others. When you hire a FAST API developer, you enlarge your team with a professional whose expertise adds value to every software project that has to be connected with other applications and services – and this is the vast majority of projects.

Here are a few examples of APIs which a FAST API developer can create for different software products in different domains:

  • payment processing API for an e-commerce platform (retail);
  • real-time weather data API for a weather forecasting app (meteorology);
  • social media integration API for the event planning application (entertainment).

To succeed, a developer uses all the opportunities provided by FAST API – the framework written in Python, aiming to make development more organized and faster. The framework provides features and tools for writing the reusable parts of code and testing them, automated data validation, creation of documentation in a real-time mode, and others.

When you hire a FAST API developer with abundant experience, you can expect that a professional can work with all APIs types, including RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, and GraphQL APIs. The first group represents the most popular type of APIs; REST APIs are widely used because they work with widespread data formats (JSON, XML), follow the HTTP protocols, and can be easily integrated with other software products written in different languages. A good example is Google Maps API, widely used for embedding interactive maps to applications, providing users with optimal routes and place search assistance.

FAST API developer's work routine consists of the following tasks:

  • APIs endpoints development – associating the required functions with data and URLs, and creating the data models for inputs and outputs, for each endpoint;
  • data validation – ensuring that input data follows the predefined schemes, which is crucial for application performance and security;
  • implementation of authentication and authorization features – providing mechanisms for user identity verification;
  • testing – ensuring the seamless work of APIs;
  • creation of the documentation – writing guides for other programmers and users;
  • performance optimisation – providing better response time and reduced latency, i.e., the time needed by an application to give a response to a browser after receiving a request.

FAST API framework offers features and tools for automation, development simplification, and API performance optimization. However, developers' expertise still plays a crucial role in the creation of high-performance, reliable, stable, and scalable applications.

How Are STARNAVI FAST API Developers Different?

Matching is a key characteristic of STARNAVI developers which makes them stand out. Hiring the right developers requires a comprehensive alignment between candidates' skills and the project's specifications. Hence, we put compatibility at the centre of our hiring process to ensure developers' sustainable performance and a high retention level of the engineers.

To succeed in our efforts to provide consistency to our clients' teams, we follow a strategy built on the principles of a deep understanding of the team's needs and the project's peculiarities. Here are our other priorities which ensure a high quality of STARNAVI's staffing services:

  • Rigorous, objective, and transparent vetting. We use a number of methods, including interviews, live coding sessions, and code reviews to make a puzzle of the candidate’s proficiency complete.
  • The vast range of vetting criteria. Some of them are key, and others are secondary; all of them are defined according to the project’s tech stack and the team’s style of communication. What we pay special attention to is the knowledge of English and the attitude towards remote work.
  • A comprehensive package of BPO services. By providing such assistance, we kill two birds with one stone: firstly, our legal entity in the EU allows companies to hire FAST API developers offshore with legal compliance and cost-effectively; secondly, assistance in signing contracts and accounting for programmers increases their retention level and helps keep their motivation high.
  • Mentorship. We’re ready to support our developers all the way through onboarding and adaptation. Our goal is to maximize developers’ productivity; hence, we do our best to allow them to lean on STARNAVI senior developers’ expertise and provide them with assistance in tackling formalities.

Hiring with STARNAVI, you get access to experienced and motivated FAST API developers with excellent skills for productive remote work. Thanks to our thorough vetting, your developers will work productively from their first day in your team. Our BPO services also provide support for your devs, allowing them to focus on their everyday tasks without being distracted by paperwork.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire FAST API Developers?

Statistics on FAST API developers aren’t abundant since, from project to project, the set of skills and experience backgrounds for particular roles change considerably. However, we can tease out insights from available data, keeping in mind that one can use statistics as a point of departure, and the final figures can be determined after a more detailed analysis of the developer’s responsibilities and required competencies.

In the U.S., the annual income for FAST API developers reaches $145,000, with hourly rates ranging from $43 to $65. In most other regions salaries are lower, according to Glassdoor and BeinCrypto Jobs:

  • UK – $58,000;
  • Germany – $65,159;
  • China – $85,000;
  • India – $18,300;
  • Poland – $60,000.

Typically, pay rates are higher in the U.S. and Western Europe, while in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe devs have lower salary expectations. We can observe this trend by looking at statistics on the back-end Python developers’ salaries, assuming that their field of responsibilities is close to that of FAST API developers. Here is the relevant data:

  • Switzerland – $103,596;
  • UK – $77,250;
  • Germany – $69,292;
  • Canada – $67,425;
  • France – $50,683;
  • Poland – $27,768;
  • Argentina – $24,286;
  • Mexico – $23,136;
  • Ukraine – $22,164;
  • Romania – $21,024;
  • India – $5,282.

Eastern Europe is one of the regions which traditionally offers high-quality developers’ expertise in combination with relatively moderate salary expectations. Among other Eastern European countries, Ukraine is a leader, with its vast pool of engineers and a strong academic background in tech specialization. Here, you can hire FAST API developers with skill sets which suit your projects perfectly. Such collaboration ensures you a number of benefits, including reasonable hiring costs, efficient communication, and developers’ dedication. With STARNAVI, you can hire in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular with 100% legal compliance, enjoying a comprehensive package of BPO services, and reaching your goals within the shortest deadlines.

What Is FAST API Particularly Good For? When Is Using FAST API The “Right Choice” For A Project?

FAST API is a Python framework for building APIs. Framework's distinctive features include an opportunity to avoid boilerplate (accessive, repetitive) code, high performance, and a fast speed of development.

APIs are responsible for communication between applications via the Internet. For example, when one purchases a telephone in an online shop, APIs make it possible for a user to choose an item by filtering available models and reading models' descriptions. APIs also allow calculating shipping costs, handling transactions, and tracking a package. In other words, some applications' features (vital for handling users' tasks) can exist due to APIs. Some other examples of such features include authentication, authorization, messaging, content moderation, credit scoring, appointment scheduling, and others.

FAST API helps developers create reusable code for the development of essential applications' features in the most organized way. The framework capabilities are based on the following principles and tools:

  • Modularity. Developers can create blocks of reusable code due to the dependency injection feature – a mechanism which enables using the same API throughout an application, adjusting its key parameters to the task without rewriting the whole piece of code. For example, a developer creates an API for database access and marks it as a dependency. Then, an application injects (connects) this API to different database providers by changing endpoints (URLs), while maintaining the same structure and logic of the code. Such an approach helps avoid code redundancy, speeds up development, and simplifies the app's maintenance.
  • High performance. FAST API was built on the basis of another framework, Starlett, and inherited its strengths, vital for an application's fast and concise work. The list of these advantages includes the capabilities for asynchronous programming and two types of optimizations. The first one is response streaming: a client-side part of an application starts dealing with a response as soon as its first part is received, not waiting till the whole response is processed. The second one is background task performance. Due to the asynchronous nature of Starlett and FAST API, respectively, some tasks are done against the backdrop of other tasks' processing which results in faster application performance. Improved performance and faster response time, in turn, ensure a productive and enjoyable user experience.
  • Automated data validation. Once the request is received, the framework matches data with the required format and either processes the relevant data or pushes back the error message. This feature reduces the number of bugs and security vulnerabilities while improving the application's reliability.
  • High speed of development. The framework allows for increasing the speed of development by up to 300%. Apart from data validation, some more features provide speed development, such as interactive API documentation, and easy-to-use request handling. Moreover, FAST API is compatible with the latest features in Python, such as the use of type hints and the async/await syntax. All mentioned tools and features help developers to focus on building the application logic rather than diving deeply into the details of data processing.

FAST API's features make it a versatile tool for building APIs for any web application which needs them. Here are just a few examples: REST APIs, machine learning APIs, real-time applications, back-end services, dashboards, and reporting tools. The technology can be used for the development of features and services for a large variety of industries, including e-commerce, finance, social media, healthcare, and education.


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