Dedicated Team Of Developers

Looking for a dedicated software development team for your project? It’s not always easy to find the right match. Even if you find a developer, you cannot be confident in their competence and diligent work.

STARNAVI is here for you to hire a high-class dedicated developer’s team for your project!


Why hire a dedicated development team from STARNAVI?

Hiring a software development team from STARNAVI is as easy as hiring a freelancer. Your request launches many processes which result in gathered team of developers just for your project. Hiring from us, you get a bunch of the benefits.

Relevant candidates

The vetting procedure ensures the required level of the candidate’s expertise. Hard and soft skills are tested along with the level of English and motivation.

Administrative support

In StarNavi, we call it business process outsourcing (BPO). Accounting, contracts, NDAs, payroll, motivation – we handle it professionally and on time.


Long-term warranties

We take the whole responsibility for the staff augmentation services in the long run. That’s what differentiates us from a freelance platform.

Meeting tight deadlines

An IT staff augmentation company builds a community of tech professionals. It makes it possible to hire within the shortest possible terms.

Boosting your competitiveness

It’s an issue of thriving in the market. Filling the tech talent gaps increases the team’s productivity. You can build an app that will become a game-changer.

High cost-effectiveness

No hidden or upfront payments. Every line in a bill is backed by the service that was delivered. The financial model is consistent and transparent.

Flexible payment models

You can hire developers on the basis of hourly rate or monthly rate model. You choose the scheme. We manage the payment timetable.

High retention level

The developer’s motivation, comfort, and satisfaction is augmentation provider’s concern. Collaboration with an IT pro is stable, the relationship is reliable.

Remote mode

You can hire a developer from any region, dwelling on the proper combination of a high level of expertise and an affordable pay rate.

Legal status

StarNavi has a legal entity in European Union so, we are authorized to sign any type of contracts. This way, we take responsibility for collaboration output.

Flexible scaling

Scale up your team to boost productivity and scale it down to optimize salary expenditures when the tasks are day-to-day and your expertise is sufficient.

Unambiguous leadership

There is only one decision maker for a developer – an employer’s team leader. A tech engineer is always aware of your authority.

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

A Dedicated Team of Software Developers is a model of cooperation when a team of developers is carefully selected based on the requirements of a specific project. This team my include frontend and backend developers, quality assurance engineers, UX/UI designers, DevOps, business analysts, and other IT specialists.

The Dedicated Team model is very flexible. You can change its size to keep up with the project. Therefore, a dedicated team of developers is an effective model for IT projects, especially startups.

The Dedicated Team model is suitable for:

  • Project that seeks to grow and expand quickly.

  • Big project that you want to grow even more. Whether you have an in-house team of developers or not, our dedicated developers will provide a great contribution to your project.

  • Projects with a flexible workflow.


What Makes Us a Perfect Partner?

Since 2017, we have recruited over 300 fabulous software developers, vetted from a base of over 11,000 candidates!


In-House Hiring

Classic Outsource Company

Freelance Platform

Hire time

1-21 Days

1-6 Months

1-2 months

1-4 weeks

Vetting and screening process in place





Technology & industry match





Hiring and management costs






Easy, Unlimited

Difficult, Limited

Medium, Average

Medium, Average

Recruitment fees

Different Payment Models

$10K - $40K

Depends on a Project

% of Platform

Guaranteed quality






Very High



Very Low




Limited / Rigid

Fairly Flexible

Let Us Find
Your Perfect Software Developers

We make hiring easy.
A stellar, internal software development team is indispensable to any startup and growing business. You know you need one – ASAP – but where do you start?

Get in touch! Over the past 6 years, our team has vetted and selected top candidates with the skill set:

The Steps To Hire A Development Team From STARNAVI

Nothing to worry about. The entire process consists of simple 4 steps. It helps us successfully start the process of searching for developers and finding them for your project.

Get in Touch

01. Goal Setting

Contact us, and we will schedule a meeting to discuss all your needs and requirements. This will help to create a dedicated team of developers just for your project.

02. Candidates Screening

We search for developers, screen and diligently test them, and get back to you.

03. Team Choosing

You interview the developers we have chosen for your project and choose the ones you want to proceed with.

04. The Hiring Process

From chosen developers, we form a team of software developers. When we settle all formal things about finance and legal, your team starts working on the project.

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