No-code vs Custom Development: Which option is better to launch a startup? — StarNavi

No-code vs Custom Development: Which option is better to launch a startup? — StarNavi

What is the best way to ensure your startup success? Learn here.

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So let's say you're a small business owner looking to start an online platform. What’s the best way for you to do so that will ensure your success? You have two options here: the first is no-code development and the other is customized development.

According to Gartner, the total distribution of businesses using no-code app development technology will exceed 50%. Although this statistic is a testament to how convenient no-code development may be for startups, does it always mean it’s the right approach for any business trying to expand into their desired market?

The best way to answer this question is by understanding what all the fuss is really about and doing a side-by-side comparison with custom development, which has been the golden standard for many companies before. So let’s get more detailed information about no-code vs custom development.

In-depth Look at No-code Development & Custom Development for Startups

Online marketing has continued to become simpler for small-scale businesses and startups. Most of this credit goes to the emergence of easy-to-use tools and here, no-code development is a perfect example of such an innovation. But how no-code development could suit your needs and also why it wouldn't be convenient to go for it?

No-code App Development: Benefits You May Get

Before we delve deeper into what no-code app development can do, we need to understand what it is. Briefly:

It is a popular technology that enables individuals with zero knowledge of coding to run functional online stores by using a customizable platform.

No-code development is currently gaining momentum and revenues are expected to exceed $40 billion by 2025. So, how can we justify this hype? Let's look at some of the features it brings to the table, especially for startups:

1. Cost-effective

This is one of the most important features of no-code development, especially for startups. Having an already-made platform for you to create your own business means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on someone to create a unique product from scratch.

Although many no-code platforms provide paid memberships to their customers, most of the rates are affordable. The price also depends on your demands, added functionalities, tools and complexity.

2. Easy to run

No-code platforms enable users to take charge of any project they are currently developing. All tools are designed to be easily understood and work conveniently to make sure that the user achieves whatever they want to.

The interface provided by such platforms in many cases is self-explanatory and users can click-and-drag different software features in place until they are satisfied with the end result. You can navigate the platform with your own efforts.

3. Time-saving

Time is money and no-code platforms usually save tons of it. Because most of the work has already been done by the platform creators, users don’t create the necessary tools from the ground up.

All modules in the system are pre-set and all the user has to do is make the necessary tweaks to match what they are going for. In addition, the process of testing is also shorter as it is usually done automatically.

4. Customizable

No-code development platforms enable the user to select features that they specifically need for their project. This includes:

  • Various templates,
  • Marketing tools,
  • Build-in functionalities, and
  • Other features that give you the boost.

You can get your business off the ground with the basic pre-built functionalities. You can go through a multitude of combinations of tools and features until you find one that works for you. In addition, if you want to make any changes down the line to match any new marketing demands, you won't have to worry about finding a more suitable concept.

Custom Development: Why Should You Consider It?

You may see a certain misconception between custom and no-code terms. So what is custom development? Briefly:

Custom development is the opposite of no-code development where the knowledge of coding is necessary to create apps, sites or other portals. Because the involved work, it’s quite complex, Custom development is left for the professionals who build software from the ground up.

Yes, custom development requires more components to create a top-notch product and that is why it is more complex and as we will discover later on, it may require more investments at the beginning. We shouldn’t, however, overlook how big a role it may play in ensuring the success of any project. Here are some of the best features of custom development.

1. High quality

One of the perks of having a specialized team behind your projects is that you are almost always guaranteed a high-quality product. This is usually because professional developers take their time to make sure that your project is tackled as efficiently as possible at every step of the process. Attention to details is valued and that means fewer mistakes are encountered.

2. Use of up-to-date technology

Custom development also uses the best available practices to help businesses create modern and up-to-date software that can propel them further. A good example of modern technology is Python development, which is a high-level programming tool designed to tackle projects of any size making it convenient for start-ups as well.

3. Unique products

When you decide to have custom-made software for your business, one thing that can be considered a guarantee is uniqueness. Experienced developers can help you create a one of a kind marketing solution tailored specifically for your business’ and target audience needs. Moreover, you will stand out among your competitors.

4. Enabling staff augmentation

What is staff augmentation? Technology is always expanding at a fast pace and not all these skills can be acquired fast enough. Staff augmentation can enable a company of any size to complete a high-capacity project or one that requires a new skill not yet possessed by the existing workforce.

For example, a company can decide to temporarily outsource their projects or part of assignments to Ukrainian developers or other professionals who are known for their technical expertise in the field your business is required at the moment. Yes, even if your company has a fixed pool of resources and talents, you could be in need of external expertise. For example, you need an expert in Python development combined with the ability to build scalable solutions that could not be met by the in-house talents. Also, hiring outsourced professionals will give you significant cost advantages.

No-Code vs Custom Development: Which One Is Better?

After looking at both no-code and custom development, the next logical question would be, which one is better? Well, it’s a bit hard to give a simple answer as it depends on the business model, planned investment, type of a product and more. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison and see how they stack up against each other.

Final Takeaway

Choosing between no-code and custom development comes down to what you want to achieve

as either a startup or an already established business. However, the question is which option is better to launch a startup? If you have a low budget and want to get your business up and running in the shortest time possible, your ideal choice could be no-code development.

However, if you want a unique product tailored specifically for you, your target audience and specifics of the business, custom development would be the best choice. You can get a product delivered on time and within a planned budget. Such development could be a great solution for a large, custom and complex project with the future potential. Usually, such an option is used by the most successful and famous companies.

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No-code vs Custom Development: Which option is better to launch a startup? — StarNavi