Hire Skilled Ukrainian Developers

Hire Skilled Ukrainian Developers

Hire Ukrainian Developers to access a talent pool of skilled professionals.

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IT outsourcing is one of the most actively developing industries in Ukraine, ranking second from India. Over 172,000 Ukrainian developers, programmers, and software engineers work at tech businesses and development corporations. Many enterprises outsource a vast talent pool in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has a long-standing reputation as a significant technology region, housing several IT outsourcing companies.

Businesses worldwide recognize skilled IT professionals in Ukraine for their exceptional work ethic and streamlined hiring process. Ultimately, Ukraine emerged as the top outsourcing destination for its well-rounded talent pool and cost-effectiveness.

Steps to Hire Ukrainian Developers

steps to hire ukrainian developers

If you are looking to hire top-notch developers from Ukraine, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Research the Market and the Country

Hiring from one of the leading destinations for IT outsourcing requires extensive research about the market and country. Ukraine is second to Poland that offers a vast pool of skilled IT professionals. Ukraine emerged in the industry producing over 140,000 engineers, and IT graduates every year. The country has a battalion of seasoned talents due to its heavily funded universities. Ukrainians believe that education hones the best workforce, which is why they invest heavily in higher education.

Companies worldwide have no problem outsourcing from Ukraine since they have extensive knowledge to accomplish almost any project. A majority of Ukrainian developers specialize in well-known technologies like Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP. A handful of Ukrainian programmers can also work around the rarest tools like Scala and Haskell.

  • Choose a Collaboration Model

Before IT outsourcing for your project or team, it is crucial to determine the collaboration model you can utilize. Establishing remote collaboration models depending on your business objectives and requirements can smoothly help you go through this approach.

Hiring Freelancers

If software development is not your business’s core competency, it’s best to hire freelance developers. This option allows you to focus on your business goals while supporting your IT-related needs. Although practical, freelance developers tend to handle multiple clients at once. They can miss deadlines if you don’t delegate tasks well. Ukrainian developers are known to possess a great work ethic as long as you communicate your goals consistently.

Working with R&D Centers

Outsourcing IT professionals, R&D tasks means that you tap into foreign markets to work with their teams. This opportunity is ideal for businesses working on projects that require specialized talents and cutting-edge technologies.

Form a Dedicated Team

Instead of working with a third-party software development company, you can form a dedicated IT team yourself. Creating a dedicated offshore team can be augmented with your in-house team to develop products and support IT functions. A dedicated team focuses on your project alone with no additional clients. Since Ukraine is a few miles away from European countries and the US, you can always visit them whenever you want.

Outsourcing Projects to a Third-Party Vendor

For companies that have strict and time-sensitive requirements, it’s best to connect with a third-party vendor. They can help you streamline your project by providing a dedicated team within a particular timeframe. Third-party vendors always have a vast talent pool ready so that you can jumpstart your assignment right away.

  • Get Inspired by User Stories
user stories help to choose a good vendor

Before outsourcing Ukrainian developers, check their previous experience and work history. Make sure that their experience is a close match to the requirements of your project to succeed. You can ask for testimonials from the previous clients to check their work ethic and verify their skillset. Look for feedback and client reviews on Clutch, Goodfirms, and similar websites.

  • Select a Reliable Vendor

For a successful remote collaboration, a reliable outsourcing vendor for Ukrainian IT professionals must possess the following:

1. Relevant Experience

2. Verifiable Track record

3. Testimonials from previous clients

4. Well-rounded expertise backed by certificates, portfolio, and documents

5. Mirroring your values

6. Reputation in the industry

  • Start Working

The sooner you find a Ukrainian developer for your project, the sooner you will finish it. For the collaboration to go smoothly, make sure to maintain constant communication. Relay essential details about the job and project specifications. It would be better to conduct weekly check-ins to monitor their progress. Instinctively, Ukrainian developers provide updates whenever needed and are proactive enough to go above and beyond.

Why Hire in Ukraine?

Most companies find cultural differences a deal-breaker when it comes to a successful remote collaboration. However, Ukrainian developers have achieved many competitive advantages in comparison to foreign markets. Eastern Europeans closely resemble the attitude, work ethic, and mentality of US and Western European companies. Since English is their second language, most Ukrainian IT developers can communicate clearly and effectively. Plus, Ukraine is geographically convenient for many industry locations. Regular direct flights are available for foreign businesses without a visa for 90 days. If you are from the US or Europe visiting your Ukrainian IT team, you can travel hassle-free.

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Moreover, Ukrainian developers received global recognition for producing highly skilled professionals at a lower rate. Businesses enjoy working with them for their initiative, proactivity, and curiosity. You cannot expect them to stay silent if they see an alternative way or a viable solution to the task. Ukrainian developers value product success, so you can always see them providing progressive suggestions and innovative approaches.

In conclusion, Ukraine has become one of the premier sources of highly skilled IT professionals. With over 100,000 software engineers, developers, and programmers emerging in the market annually, they never run out of talent. More importantly, Ukrainian developers are world-class for showing dedication to their profession. Do you want to hire a web developer in Ukraine? Contact StarNavi today to hire the best Ukrainian developers in the market​!

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