Case study: Wing + STARNAVI


Python, Django, Celery, SOLID, PostgreSQL, Third party API, Fast API, Asyncio, Microservices




Reliable and high-speed cell phone service available across the top nationwide 5G and LTE networks

About the Company

Wing provides telecommunication services across the US nationwide 5G and LTE networks. The company offers a wide range of plans and payment models for corporate and individual customers and ensures reliable customer support.

Our Services

From hiring a Python developer to building an app architecture and working in close collaboration with the company's CTO, we worked our way up while delivering to the Wing's business and doing our best to exceed expectations. 

In the first step, we dealt with finding a Python dev. When the developer was hired and showed good results, the Wing team decided to find and hire two more developers. Having a team of 3 Python developers, the client came to us with the task to find a Python developer team lead to work close with CTO and manage the software development process. We provided a professional who successfully managed the development of the digital services company needed to scale up the business. Under the team lead's guidance, a Wing team implemented the domain-driven design (DDD) and Gexonal architecture. Thus, the Wing is currently working with 3 Python developers and one team lead Python developer provided by STARNAVI.

Need Remote Developers on the Spot?

STARNAVI is on a mission to deliver you skilled devs from Eastern Europe ready to contribute from day one.