Tips to Find a Remote Job in 2020

Tips to Find a Remote Job in 2020

Benefits of remote work, sources, and tips to find a remote job in 2020.

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Nowadays, everyone seems to dream of finding a remote job so they can relax by the beach while they get paid. Or many of us hope to start their own business "not to work anymore". Unfortunately, these 2 ideas are just a dream, the reality differs a bit. Since so many people want to find a remote career, the competition for any remote work became extremely competitive. StarNavi is a fully remote digital agency working since 2017. So if you want to build a remote career, we are ready to help and guide you. Just contact us on Facebook or Submit a Quote. And let's get back to business. This trend only seems to keep growing into 2020. But, there are some tips and tricks to getting your first remote job and start growing a remote career.

Remote Jobs and the Benefits of Remote Work

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As the name implies, remote work consists of any jobs that allow working remotely. These can consist of normal jobs that allow out of office work, or you could become your own boss through freelancing. When you work remotely, you benefit from having complete control over your day. Want to go to the gym when it’s empty so you don’t waste time waiting for other people to finish their sets? Go whenever you want. Or, you can go to the grocery store in the middle of the day on a Wednesday to entirely avoid lines and crowds. Working remotely gives you the control back over your life instead of being controlled by your job.

Tips & Sources to Find a Remote Job

Finding a remote job that pays a living wage, especially in the United States, can be extremely challenging. But, options to create a career through remote work do exist. The most popular route involves becoming a freelancer in a field you already have expertise in. A great part about freelancing is the lack of a barrier of entry, so just about anyone can become a freelancer through testing the waters in their free time while working their current job. This allows you to take control of your earnings and your life.

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The two most popular sites to find freelancing work include UpWork and Fiverr. While at first glance these two sites seem extremely similar, they work in two opposite ways. With UpWork, clients post job listings that you navigate through and apply for. Fiverr works in the exact opposite way with you posting the work you can do then clients finding you based on your descriptions.

With both of these platforms, finding your first job oftentimes presents the greatest challenge to starting your remote career. This leads some freelancers to significantly lower their prices for their first couple of jobs. By lowering your prices you give clients an opportunity to try your services with very little risk while building up a portfolio for yourself. Once you create your portfolio with reviews, you can begin raising your prices with each project you receive.


  • Working a remote job can seem like a dream come true which makes almost all remote work extremely competitive. Another great challenge is managing remote developers.
  • The two main platforms people use to find remote work are UpWork and Fiverr.
  • With UpWork you apply to job postings whereas on Fiverr clients come to you.
  • Most freelancers get their first remote jobs by offering their services at a reduced price than increasing their prices with each job they complete.

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Tips to Find a Remote Job in 2020