The best team communication tools to help your business succeed

The best team communication tools to help your business succeed

Are you looking for a way to improve team communication? We’ll go over the best collaborative communication online tools.

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What Is Online Communication Software?

Online communication software is a tool that helps employees collaborate on projects even when they’re not able to be in the same physical location. These team communication tools improve efficiency and allow a business to continue functioning virtually through video conferences, retrospective meetings, and online chat. Want to know how to make your business succeed? Read this guide. Wondering how you can use collaboration tools to improve team communication? Here are the top 10 collaborative communication online tools:

Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is a free communication software that allows you to host your team’s chat room on your own server for added security. Because it’s an open-source app, you can also modify it and integrate it with different applications for added features.


Skype is another excellent communication tool that businesses can use for video conferencing. It allows teams to collaborate on documents and communicate through the instant messaging chat function. With all these features included in one app, it makes hosting meetings a lot easier for small businesses.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is perfect for businesses that have team members in varied locations with different devices. Team members can use this communication software to make voice calls right from their computer, host video conferences, and live stream retrospective meetings to discuss the wrap-up of a project.

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Ryver is one of the most organized team communication tools, giving you different channels for conversations with different team members. This communication software also offers workflow automation features to help with task management in addition to its video and audio conferencing features.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is one of the most affordable online communication software tools, which makes it perfect for smaller businesses. It features group message boards for team members to chat in, while also offering video conferencing features and a built-in calendar for scheduling.


Fleep stands apart from the rest of the communication software tools for its robust task management feature. Its built-in integration helps streamline communication via audio and video conferencing. It also offers both individual and group chat.

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BlueJeans provides greater flexibility for joining online meetings, allowing you to attend video conferences via your web browser, mobile phone, or a desktop app. It also offers many collaboration features that allow you to share screens and record meetings.

Windstream Enterprise OfficeSuite UC

OfficeSuite UC is a cloud-based communication software, which means you can access anywhere where you have an Internet connection. You can use it for video conferencing as well as for things like digital faxing and toll-free phone service.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is ideal for businesses that hold frequent meetings. It allows for HD-quality video conferences while allowing team members to collaborate and share files. You can access it on both Apple and Android devices as well as on a BlackBerry.

Unlike most communication software that offers square video conferencing windows, uses circular windows. It’s easy to set up an application that doesn’t require you to download any software in order to video chat. You can join video meetings through your web browser, and you can also integrate it with other applications.

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The best team communication tools to help your business succeed