Pros of Python web development

Pros of Python web development

The reasons for why web development using Python should always be your Top Choice

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When it comes to web development, making the mistake of choosing any other type of development code other than Python could spell disaster for your unique web application. The main tenants of expert Python programming speak for themselves and if you’re not entirely familiar with the advanced interpretive general-purpose programming language, StarNavi would be happy to invite you into the world of web development using Python by filling you in on all of its amazing benefits. We're a software development agency using Python as the main technology that makes us true professionals when it comes to this language.

If you’re interested in learning just how to leverage the tremendous features, benefits, and use-cases of one of the most high-level programming languages out there, continue reading down below. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Python at length, as well as the top companies who leverage Python web development, and the reasons for why choosing any other programming language would simply be a mistake. Continue reading to learn more or just watch this video.

About Python defines Python as “an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language,” that has the power to incorporate “modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very high-level dynamic data types, and classes.” According to this resource, “Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls and libraries, as well as to various Windows systems, and is extensible in C or C++.”

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In other words, Python is a highly flexible programming language that allows users to incorporate more advanced features into the applications that they create. According to SlashData, more than 8.2 million developers are currently using and coding with Python. And in fact, that number is actually greater than those who code with Java – and with the explanation from Python above, it’s easy to see why. Now that we know exactly what Python is, let’s take a look at some of the top companies that currently leverage Python web development practices to create advanced and cutting-edge applications that guide us in nearly everything that we do.

Top Companies Who Leverage Python Web Development Practices

If you’re interested in seeing a list of the top 10 most famous websites that were built using Python, take a look at this article by Chris Castiglione from One Month. We’d like to highlight some of the websites on his list down below.

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Instagram. It’s safe to say that Instagram has surpassed other social media platforms as the most popular online photo-sharing app. And interestingly enough, it’s entire code is made up of Python backend development.

Google. It’s true, Google was built through a combination of C++ and Python backend development too. One of the largest tech stacks in the entire world is actually powered – at least in part – by Python too.

Netflix. Netflix’s entire algorithm is based on the Python libraries for web development. The developers behind Netflix’s code knew just how responsive and clean they needed their platform to be, and Python was simply the best choice.

The Pros of Python Web Development

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  • Clean Code

Now, when you’re looking to create a web application using Python, you’ll need to know exactly what a line of Python code should look like, right? Take a look down below at a line of Python web application example code to see exactly what a real line of open-source Python code looks like from the backend.

Now, if you’ve noticed from the example above, Python is notorious for its clean, succinct coding language. Notice how organized the above example is. When you’re preparing to create a web application using Python, knowing that the backend will still be clean, organized, and concise after you’ve completed development is certainly an added bonus.

  • Easy To Use

Believe it or not – at least in terms of coding – Python is incredibly easy to use, especially given its versatility. For this very reason, so many top companies and applications utilize Python on the backend because it’s easy for programmers to implement throughout the development process.

  • Server-Side Scripting

Python fully supports server-side scripting, so that each programmer can customize the appearance of the end-user interface.

  • Machine Learning & AI-Ready

Because Python is one of the most high-level programming languages in the world, it is fully conducive to support machine learning and AI technology.

  • Perfect For Scientific & Numeric Applications

Python performs exceptionally well in scientific and numeric applications and does well with advanced algorithms in platforms like Netflix and Spotify.

  • Portability & Interactivity

Python is highly versatile and flexible, which allows it to be ported to a number of different systems. In addition, it supports a wide range of module integrations, which allows programmers and coders to create more immersive web applications that offer interactive components for the end-user to take advantage of.

  • Variety of Frameworks

Python is well known for the variety of different frameworks that it supports. For instance, some popular Python full-stack frameworks include Django, TurboGears, and Web2py. It even supports frameworks like CubicWeb, Giotto, Grok, Reahl, and Zope2 & 3.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

When you’re looking for custom web development services using Python, you can do it with ease thanks to their seamless enterprise application integration. Don’t worry about losing functionality or missing out on the special benefits of Python. When it’s time to create your own custom web application, Python should always be your first choice.

  • Open-Source

Python fully supports open-source coding, which makes it easy for programmers to borrow code from related software applications to make the development process easier, faster, and much more efficient.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of Python web development, it’s clear to see exactly why it’s become the most widely used programming language in the world. With its advanced integration capabilities, it’s open-source support, it’s flexibility, and of course, it’s clean and concise lines of code, Python is certainly poised to grow even more in the near future.

Why Use Python For Web Development?

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After learning about the top web applications that currently take advantage of Python libraries for web development and Python backend development, it’s time to take a look at the reasons for why you should use Python for web development, in addition to how Python can be used in web development in a number of different use cases.

  • Versatility

Remember, Python can be used to create advanced web applications that can reach millions of users all at the same time – think companies and applications like Instagram, Google, Netflix, and Spotify to start. In the same breath, Python is excellent for creating enterprise applications that are unique to the business or organization creating the custom software application. With this level of versatility and flexibility, Python can essentially be used for a wide variety of web applications and software projects.

  • Advanced Functionality Made Simple

We’ve spoken at length about Python’s unique ability to offer programmers less coding for more functionality – and it’s all legitimate. Python web development is just so simple to use because you can achieve advanced functionality without the hassle of writing outline after line after line of code. And while it may seem like a simple programming language that is reserved for beginners, it’s really quite the opposite. Python is an advanced programming language that simply aims to simplify the coding process for fast-paced web developers.

  • Python Is Mistake-Friendly

Unlike other types of coding languages that can easily be broken with even the slightest typo, Python is quite resilient and it responds rather well to small mistakes within the syntax of a line of code. Remember, Python focuses on the readability of its code – code should be clean, clear, and concise – so when a mistake occurs, it’s typically rather easy to identify and to correct from the backend.

  • A Ton of Frameworks

We mentioned a number of different useful frameworks that Python supports earlier in this article – and we’d like to circle back to them. Python web development is exceptionally flexible because it supports so many frameworks that allow programmers to quickly immerse themselves in a project. Instead of being bogged down by writing lines of code for specific functions, you can simply utilize these frameworks to save you time and energy. From there, you can selectively edit and change the code within each function to tailor it to your specific needs.

  • Python Makes Scaling Simple

For any high-performing business or any web application, it’s safe to say that growth should always be a focus. When it’s time to grow or time to scale your operations, Python makes scaling simple. Adding new components and functions through the wide range of frameworks that are currently available for Python programmers takes all of the stress and burden away from rebuilding your web application from scratch.

Python Should Be Your First Choice

We hope that this article has exposed you to some of the biggest benefits that come along with Python web development. In addition to learning about some of the top web applications and organizations that currently leverage the benefits and abilities of Python, we believe that all of these exciting features should help to make Python your top choice for all of your web application development and programming needs. But if you still consider Python a complex language, you can think about Staff Augmentation!

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Pros of Python web development