Importance of the testing process

Importance of the testing process

Many people do not pay much attention to such a development process as testing, considering it not important at all.

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Many people do not pay much attention to such a development process as testing, considering it not necessary at all. They prefer to concentrate only on ui and ux services, for example.

But do not forget that human errors can lead to the appearance of defects at all stages of software development, with the consequences can be very different - from the most insignificant to significant. Every developer has repeatedly faced with the fact that it is virtually impossible to create a software product without a single error. To identify such inaccuracies, it is necessary to conduct quality assurance. There are many parameters by which all types of testing are divided into different groups. Depending on the tasks pursued, the testing can be divided into the following groups:

1. Functional tests are based on functions and features, as well as cooperation with other systems. Such tests can be presented at all levels of debugging. Such types of testing consider the external behavior of the system.

2. Non-functional tests are needed to determine software parameters that can be measured by different values.

3. Test-related tests. After making the required changes, such as fixing the bug/defect, the software must be tested to justify the fact that the problem was indeed eliminated. Therefore, the third group of tests that should be performed after installing the software is selected, to confirm the functionality of the application or the correctness of the corrected defect.

For any single program or system, you need your own set of test operations. But the quality of the program cannot be judged on the basis of only a couple of tests. The maximum result can be achieved with a comprehensive approach. At the same time using testing already in the early stages of development, you can get the most high-quality product. This will significantly save time and resources by conducting final tests at the final stage. The mission of testing is:

1. to reduce the cost of development by early detection of defects;
2. the starting point for selling quality.

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   The later the testers start the project, the less quality will be its result and its implementation is more expensive. And if you don't have enough human resources to execute testing, you can outsource this task by choosing a web development agency that offers qa services. Don't underestimate the importance of testing!

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Importance of the testing process