Promising Blockchain Startups To Watch In 2021

Promising Blockchain Startups To Watch In 2021

Blockchain startups are the most sought-after investment opportunities available. Learn the 2021 companies to invest.

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Blockchain startups are becoming more popular by the day, leaving many potential investors wondering what exactly these technology companies have to offer. By the way, if you're a startup and don't know where you can find investors for your business, read this article.

So, let's get back to business. Blockchain, what is it exactly? In its simplest form, blockchain is a type of database that is most commonly linked to Bitcoin, but there is more to the story with this innovative new technology. Designed for record-keeping and accurate chronology, blockchain can offer helpful solutions for those looking to bring their companies into the future.

Why Are Blockchain Projects So Popular?

After reading the Forbes article on blockchain startups, many investors are looking to seek out blockchain companies while they are small. This is because blockchains have only now begun to show their potential and many people believe that today’s blockchain projects are only the beginning of what this technology can offer. In short, it is believed that blockchain will rewrite the future of technology for various industries by providing new platforms for currency-based transactions.

Popular Blockchain Startups

It is no secret that blockchains are becoming increasingly more popular. On, you can see a seemingly endless collection of blockchain opportunities—and the list is growing by the day. However, we believe that some companies hold more potential in the new year than others. Below, you will find a list of promising blockchain startups that are showing real potential.


This charming startup aims to bring a new face to banking. Their blockchain projects are focused on serving customers in digital industries including cryptocurrency, eCommerce, trading, hosting, gaming, and more. They offer bank benefits with none of the drawbacks that come with traditional bank policies. Complete with both physical and digital cards, this banking alternative shows us a glimpse into the future of digital currency.


With Dappradar, finding the information that you need on dapps (decentralized apps) has never been easier. With this powerful system, you can easily track and analyze the performance of various dapps all around the globe. They even give you the power to discover new applications by showing you what topics are performing well in real-time. If you are looking to better understand the decentralized apps and how they are performing, DappRadar is the perfect solution. They run the numbers so you don’t have to.


Like many other technology companies, SettleMint has fully embraced the future of low-code technology. This group provides its users with easy and effective low-code tools that allow users to innovate their businesses with blockchain projects. Their goal is to help companies embrace blockchain faster to innovate and find new solutions regardless of a company’s industry. With these premium tools and solutions, companies can advance their processes in real-time, while also adding much-needed security.


Coined as modern credit, Colendi wants to create the most accessible form of consumer credit that the world has ever seen. This group offers both consumer and business solutions for money exchanges and helps you to make your money work for you through P2P financing. With Colendi, your money is always there when you need it—and always making you more money when you don’t. They aim to make business transactions easy whether you are selling t-shirts or creating a full-scale marketplace.


LimeChain was made to bring together industry experts with leaders across various industries. Their goal is to help companies to create high-quality, custom solutions that are based on Blockchain and DLT. They aim to help companies of all sizes adapt and innovate to yield better long-term results. Even better, they offer ongoing support for businesses that invest in their services so that the technology is always up to date and continues to function well.


In line with other Blockchain startups, Confirm provides a collection of digital solutions to companies in need. Using state-of-the-art technology, they focus on providing real-time analytics, as well as compliance risk management to keep companies functioning well. Currently, they offer support for financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, government officials, regulators, and more. Their technology keeps you in compliance and in control of your investments in real-time.


Gem is committed to companies in every industry as long as they are looking to monetize their apps. With Gem, you can find comprehensive solutions that are designed to help you connect cryptocurrency with your app directly. Using modern technologies, they easily connect your users with an interface that is designed to bring them straight to the world of cryptocurrency, making funding your business endeavors a breeze. Their technology is user-friendly and offers app owners a way to make more money on their incredible platforms.


The team at Paymium is a dedicated group of partners that want to help you trade Bitcoin (BTC). Since 2011, this group has been providing insight and solutions that aim to make cryptocurrency trading easier than ever before—and now they are here to lend that knowledge to you. They consider themselves one of the oldest Bitcoin traders and are committed to providing easy transactions that anyone can feel good about. In fact, this group now offers transactions through wires, credit cards, ApplePay, and more. They make Bitcoin trading approachable, even for the inexperienced.


At Neufund, the goal is to provide solutions that work from both sides. Instead of simply helping companies with dedicated financial services, they also offer investment opportunities for those who are looking for premium solutions. With Neufund, you can choose whether to invest or fundraise depending on your need. From there, the process becomes exponentially easier. Already, they have an estimated one billion dollars in active assets spread out across 123 different countries, making them a desirable platform whether you want to invest or raise money.


Committed to the future of the new internet economy, Elrond is a fast and scalable blockchain platform that has plenty to offer. They have been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance as a company with plenty of opportunities. This group prides itself on being exceptionally friendly for developers and is focused on being both secure and efficient. Investors and companies alike stand to gain their commitment to complete economic security.


In 2020, Odem received praise from people around the world when it opened up its education platform and certification management system to educators and students. They believed that their services could be a benefit to instructors during the COVID-19 outbreak and sought to provide an effective platform for online learning. This incredible group runs an engaging online learning platform that is designed to teach valuable modern skills. Ranging from Bitcoin education to sales insights, Odem is already offering certificates to students looking to grow their minds.


Though many blockchain startups focus on providing investment solutions, Solve.Care is committed to the healthcare sector. Already, this group is working with employers, government agencies, and insurance companies to provide innovative technology-based solutions. People say: blockchain, what is it? Solve.Care is a shining example. Their platform, which increases access to care and offers cost reduction for hospitals, shows that blockchain is much bigger than just cryptocurrency.


CoinJar is yet another cryptocurrency exchange, but it has a wide client list. Unlike some cryptocurrency exchanges, which target specific groups, CoinJar offers solutions for every kind of investor. They allow everyday investors to manage a simple account, but they also offer institutions the chance to access expansive digital markets. They work with investors directly for an easy and desirable outcome.


Marketed as the creators of a hardware wallet, Ledger is a group committed to a future straight out of a science fiction novel. These individuals create digital wallets that are made to keep cryptocurrency safe regardless of how you use it. Pairing this with the ability to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies in real-time, their commitment to security makes them an easy sell. They have even been featured in TechCrunch for creating amazing technology that can’t be hacked.


Bitaccess is a group that is already looking towards the future—and they believe that the future is Bitcoin ATMs. This forward-thinking group aims to normalize cryptocurrency within our society and is already proving to be quite successful. With ATMs in 12 different countries, they provide everyday cryptocurrency investors with easy access to their currency. They even provide a helpful audit trail and premium security that is designed to remove the risk from Bitcoin transactions.


Every day, new blockchain startups are opening up and finding new uses for blockchain technology. The true power of blockchain is only beginning to show, which is why investing now can be such a great opportunity for those who want to see it pay off. While the nature of blockchain, particularly where the currency is involved, can be risky, there is simply no arguing the potential for payoffs.

To learn how blockchain technology can advance your business or passion, contact the blockchain experts at StarNavi to discuss the available solutions. If the future is blockchain technology, you want to start looking into it today. There is truly no telling what the future of this incredible technology will bring, so find out what it can do for you!

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Promising Blockchain Startups To Watch In 2021