Best Tech Stack for SaaS Applications in 2021

Best Tech Stack for SaaS Applications in 2021

Why is it important to consider the technology stack when it comes to building web applications?

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Why is it important to consider the technology stack when it comes to building web applications? The technology stack not only assists developers to calculate the cost of building new applications but also assists in maintaining the apps. Further, it provides useful information on possible marketing strategies to help retain customers and keep your business going. Choosing the right tech stack could also speed up the entire development process. Picking the right technology stack is very crucial to creating successful web applications.

Find out which tech stack is the best for 2021. You can also learn about the factors that influence the tech stack that you decide to use. Continue reading as we will also discuss the main mistakes you want to avoid.

What Is a Tech Stack?

A tech stack is the list of all the technology that is required to develop and maintain software products. This includes a combination of frameworks, languages, and software. The tech stack is the foundation of every application. So picking the right type is important if you don't want the application to fall apart later on.

A tech stack includes two main components: the frontend and backend. The front-end is the technology on the client's end while the backend is what keeps the application running behind the scenes. Let's discuss these two in more detail.

Front-end Tech Stack for Devs

The front-end is that part of the application that a client sees and interacts with. Web applications usually require three main technologies: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These programming tools are important for the app to run smoothly.


HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. This shows how the information will be displayed on a web browser. The latest version, HTML 5 is the best option.

The main difference between HTML 5 and previous versions is the availability of audio and video support. It simplifies the process of creating web applications.


The main role of JavaScript is to create interactive web pages. This is important as it increases the overall user interaction with a web application.

Creating different types of animations that improve the web content can be created using JavaScript. The role of JavaScript extends to databases and servers.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) determines what HTML pages should appear like on a screen. The latest version, CSS 3 offers several advantages such as increased functionality. For example, it gives engineers the chance to create a responsive design.

A responsive design is important when you want an application that can be viewed on different devices without any issues. Another advantage is it is easier to use than the older versions.

Backend: Guess on What Depends the Product Each Team Is Working on

Everything that runs the web application but cannot be seen by clients is the backend. The backend is responsible for running the app. It can be divided into three components:

  • Server
  • App server
  • Database


A server provides a place where developers can write code. Server architecture provides a safe environment for integrating and deploying apps. Server architectures vary greatly. Some architectures offer a place where the entire environment is placed on one server. Others have a system that separates the server from the entire architecture. Examples include:

Most companies use cloud servers. Popular cloud server architectures include:

Developers need to pick a server based on functionality, scalability, and costs. For a successful development of a SaaS app, choosing the best-suited backend tech stack is essential.

App Server

The server app is responsible for receiving requests and sending corresponsive responses. This technology also collects information from various databases. There is a broad range of languages that the server app can be written in. It is important to use versatile languages. An example of a good language to use in Node.js. This is an extension of JavaScript that provides many solutions in the entire development cycle.


A database is simply a collection of information that is stored in an organized format. There are different types of databases. The type you select depends on the industry of a client. Generally, databases can be divided into two main groups:

  • Sequence and
  • Non-sequence databases

Sequence, also known as relational databases, use a template that determines the format in which data will be stored. Data is stored in tables and rows. Good examples include PostgreSQL and MySQL. PostgreSQL works well with web applications in the financial sector. Any large application can use this database as it allows for the fast processing of large amounts of data. MySQL is scalable and highly functional. It is good for different types of applications, especially banking apps.

Non-sequence databases

How to Pick a Tech Stack for SaaS

The tech stack that you choose will greatly have an impact on development costs. Using a structured framework promotes productivity while reducing the chances of errors. Ultimately, the technology stack you use will depend on factors such as the size of your project or the security level that's required. Here are some of the most important factors to consider before picking the best tech stack for SaaS applications in 2021.

Project Size

The size of a project will play a major role in determining which tech stack you choose. Project sizes can be divided into three groups:

  • Small projects — these include blogs and presentations. All you need is a single framework and the project will be launched.
  • Middle-sized projects — such projects are usually interactive web applications. Examples include online stores and banking applications. Middle-sized projects require a multilayered framework and interact with various APIs.
  • Large projects — these are highly interactive and therefore require different frameworks, coding languages, and software tools. Large projects are highly dependent on security. Examples include marketplaces and social media.


It is impossible to have business growth without a scalable application. So it is important to use a technology stack that will allow you to add changes as your business grows. It should also be able to provide integration with other software. There are two aspects of scalability, vertical and horizontal. Vertical scalability is for adding new tasks, often more complicated ones. Horizontal scalability processes the possibility of growth. JavaScript React, Node.js, and AWS offer great scalability.

Time to Market

A great way to minimize costs is to use ready-made products. This also reduces the time it will take before you can launch a fully functional application. The best way is to find products that are close to the ones you are trying to develop. That way you won't have to write code from scratch. Instead, you can simply make changes that would suit your app.


Large and interactive applications require a high level of security. Users need to feel; safe while using financial or shopping applications. The tech stack you use should use approaches that promote security. Some common approaches include authorization algorithms, using trustworthy servers, frequent backups, and limited periods of access to data.

Your Team's Skills

The skills that your developers have will also affect the tech stack that you use. The level of knowledge that developers have will determine how they can circumvent different coding problems. So you should choose a tech stack that works in favor of the skills of developers on your team. This reduces the time it takes to complete projects and prevents you from making unnecessary expenses.

Cost of Maintenance

Factors that affect the cost of maintaining an application include the coding language and architecture. You can greatly reduce maintenance costs by using open-source software. Open-source software also gives room for reusing products and improves consistency. Maintenance can be simplified when you use scalable architecture.

How to Avoid Mistakes When Picking Tech Stack in 2021

When it comes to creating apps, there are so many ways you could make mistakes. This could lead to increased costs, delays in launching the app, and poor functionality. Here are some ways to make sure you get the optimum results.

Set Clear Goals

Whenever you have a project, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want the app to be like and how much you are willing to spend. Any uncertainty could lead to an overly expensive project. Uncertainty will only lead to more complications down the development cycle. So always make sure that your development team has all the specifications about the project.

Plan Ahead

The process of web app development is long and ongoing. Do not just focus on your current needs. Keeping in mind that your goals may change or expand over time helps you prepare for anything that could happen in the future. Support in the future will not be an issue if you use a scalable framework and tools. This will also help you to identify business risks early on.

Use Ready-Made Solutions

Creating everything from scratch only means that you will spend more money and time when developing an application Instead, you can use a readymade solution. These usually have the features that you need. For example, you can use different libraries or third-party integrations.

Use Cloud-based Servers

It is always better to use cloud-based services to store data. These offer different pricing options, so you can find one that is compatible with your budget. Also, you only have to pay for the services that you use. This pricing model is favorable for startups since you won't have to incur unnecessary expenses.

Best Tech Stack for SaaS Applications in 2021

So how to choose the best tech stack for your SaaS app? You should definitely do research and discuss the topic with the top experts. We have prepared a list of some of the best tech stack to us in 2021 include, let’s check it out:

Django Stack

The advantage of this framework is that it significantly speeds up the framework process which includes an admin panel for module management and ORM layer.CSRF and SQL injection projection is also inbuilt by Django. It also uses the Linux operating system and Apache.

Ruby Stack

Ruby Stack is suitable for all types of web applications. It makes use of Apache, mySQL, and Ruby on Rails. Other components include PHP and Ruby. The more you will get deeper into the core, more you realize that perhaps this is the best framework to write services. And this includes all django and ruby and other tech stack based frameworks.

Don't believe me? Try it and see for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right technology stack has a huge effect on how effective your application will be. Choose one based on your budget and the needs of your project. It would also be useful if you could choose technology based on the expertise of your team. The right stack will allow you to make upgrades should there be a need in the future. It should promote business growth as well. Calculating the maintenance costs will also be a deciding factor. Using cloud-based solutions and ready-made solutions helps you reduce costs and increase the development speed. Always make sure you have a clear goal before you pick your technology stack.
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 Best Tech Stack for SaaS Applications in 2021