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Helping a project governance and reporting tool implement improvements, refactor code, and prepare demos for investors using a brand new tech stack.

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Project team:

2 Front End engineers, 1 Back End engineer, 1 QA engineer


August 2018 - Ongoing



Duxe is a game-changing project governance, reporting and engagement tool that gives users control over which data they want to see and when – helping them make the right calls and get the best outcomes. It helps users quickly identify and target where to monitor, measure and manage key aspects of the change process in order to realize benefits faster.

We have been tasked with improving the existing product, refactoring the code, preparing investor demos and perfecting a new tech stack for the organization.


We were brought on to help develop a new functionality, which was challenging because it was connected to the existing functionalities – which we did not develop.

To ensure success, we changed the DB so we could be confident that all previous functions would work as well as our newly built functionality. Moreover, we wanted to expand the list of functions. So our team tested everything. We quickly fixed any problems we found, which helped us preserve all of the previously developed functionality.

In the next phase, we updated the front end to be compatible with current technologies. Our developers migrated all data from the old ReactJS version to the new one. We also added Redux to monitor the app condition. All work was tested, and results showed that the performance increased.

After all code refactoring, the team started developing new functionalities using the latest modern technologies.

Tech stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Pandas
  • Celery
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Docker
  • CircleCI

Beyond fulfilling requirements and delivering more robust functionality, StarNavi identified and resolved future issues to ensure maximum value. Their ability to take initiative and adapt to budgetary and communication considerations were notable. Customers can expect an efficient partner.

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